5 best known home remedies for hemorrhoids

hemorrhoidsA hemorrhoid is not as such a terrible disease as it considered by modern medicine. At all times, a hemorrhoid was treated very simply and quickly. In the villages hemorrhoids was generally considered as regular and natural disease which can be easily treated by home remedies.

In general, medical institutes offer only two possible ways of treatment: first is candles, and then second is surgery which means the removal of hemorrhoids. The most annoying thing is that the operation does not solve the problem – the majority of patients passing through the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids experience disease again and again. That is why traditional medicine in most cases offers better treatments than the official medicine. We will learn which home remedies can solve the disease with no risk for the health.


The first home remedy: Cold baths

Cold bathsSounds too easy and we will agree with it but this remedy is working quite good and worth considering. There are few ways to influence the hemorrhoids with the help of cold water and we will try to find the best of them. Each case is individual and sometimes there is a chance that one remedy will be better than another one.

Cold bath with potassium permanganate:

  • Take a bowl (small which we use for cooking can be used) and pour the cold water in it.
  • Add a bit of potassium permanganate (literally just few grains and water should just slightly get the light pink color).
  • Soak a textile or gauze in this water and apply on the hemorrhoids.
  • In a minute soak the textile again and apply it again.
  • The procedure takes 5-7 minutes. That means that we will 5-7 times put textile into cold water with potassium permanganate and apply it on the annoying painful spot.Women can also sit in the bowl with potassium permanganate. The procedure can continue up to 10 minutes.Cold bath after using toilet:
    • After defecation wash the spot with the cold water.
    • Completely eliminate use of toilet paper. Literally do not use toilet paper after defecation.
    • This remedy is extremely good and works as preventive measure as well as reduces the risk of hemorrhoid up to 70-75 %.

    Basically cold water and baths with cold water are not just analgesic but also they are used to stop bleedings. Sometimes is used just small bowl in which you can sit and for the 5 minutes relax in the cold water.

    Advice: Cold baths can be used twice a day until the complete stopping of bleeding and pain.


    The second home remedy: Hot tub and steam

    Hot tub The hot tub is well known home remedy for the external hemorrhoids. There is whole diversity of recipes and plenty of ingredients which can be used for hot tub against this unpleasant disease. The main idea is sitting in the hot tub (it can be the bath or big bowl in which you can calmly sit) until the water will get cool.

    Hot tub additives:

    • Chopped garlic.
    • Chamomile.
    • Horse chestnut seeds.
    • Onion peel.
    • Broth calendula.
    • Sage.

    Significant effect in reducing pain you can get if you will try the hot tub on the basis of onion peel. Try few ingredients and you will see which is best for you. The number of procedures usually is not more than 10.

    Steam bath:

    • We will need metal or clay bowl with the wooden cover. The cover should have a hole in the middle around 5 centimeters in diameter.
    • In the bowl is usually placed hot brick or extremely hot water (liquid).
    • Patient is sitting on the wooden cover and anus should be exactly above the hole.
    • Steam baths often are made on the basis of onions steamed in milk or garlic.
    • After the first procedure patient will feel much better.

    The procedure can be repeated every day or every other day according to the needs of the patient.

    Advice: After each steam bath the skin around anus and colon should be covered with Vaseline in order to avoid irritation.


    The third home remedy: Potatoes

    PotatoesAs we know hemorrhoids can be of two types: internal and external. That is why treatment for each of the types is different. Home remedies are capable of healing both types of the disease very successfully. In order to get rid of hemorrhoids patients are usually forced to use candles (special pills which are placed inside the colon). In the folk medicine there is alternative way to cure the annoying painful disease.

    Candles made from potatoes:

    • The candle (pill) should be cut from the raw potato.
    • Take a medium-sized potato and carefully cut the candle out of it.
    • The size of the pill should not be very big. The size should be approximately as usual candles against hemorrhoids.
    • Cut the pill and use it immediately. You cannot prepare few and use them in different days.
    • The procedure is as follows: in the morning and in the evening insert the candle into the anus and every time after defecation.
    • In order to increase efficiency you can dip the candle into the honey. But it is not necessary.

    The amount of the procedures should be until the complete recovery (5-10 days) as many as 2 pills per day plus one more pill taken immediately after defecation. Let’s now see what our options are when we have external hemorrhoids. Unfortunately external type is usually more painful and patients usually hurry to take any means of medicine to get rid of pain and burning feeling. However you can heal your pain with the help of grated potato.

    Grated potatoes recipe:

    • External hemorrhoids can be treated successfully with grated potatoes.
    • Take few fresh potatoes, peel them and grate on the smallest grater.
    • Put the grated potatoes on the anus and lay on the stomach.
    • You will feel the relief immediately.

    The course of the treatment usually is 5-8 days. This incredible recipe will eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning and pain).

    Advice: Do not worry about the candle as it will be released in a natural way. The main point is not to make it too big.


    The fourth home remedy: Cream

     CreamThe other affordable and very powerful home remedy is cream prepared from the natural and healing ingredients. Such ingredients are: honey, propolis, beeswax and sunflower oil. All the products should be natural and of a very good quality. In such a way we will increase the effectiveness of the therapy. The main point of this remedy is the result: after such treatment patients do not get recurrence of the disease for decades. There is no other remedy or medical treatment which can provide such high therapeutic results.

    Cream against hemorrhoids:

    • We will need following amount of the ingredients: crushed propolis (10 grams), natural honey (1 tablespoon), sunflower oil (50 grams) and beeswax (50 grams).
    • Take a small container and mix in it honey with propolis using wooden spoon or stick.
    • In another container pour 50 grams of sunflower oil and beeswax and put container on the stove till it will boil (on the low heat).
    • Immediately after boiling remove the sunflower oil and beeswax from the heat and cool the liquid till the room temperature.
    • Mix together ingredients from both containers.
    • The mixture which we got in the result is the most effective treatment for disease.

    The mixture should be implemented on the piece of bandage (rolled into the tube) and inserted into the anus. Soak the bandage properly and put it inside very gently. The procedure should be done every day before going to bed and every time after defecation. The course of the treatment is 6-10 days.

    Advice: Always make sure that mixture is of the room temperature before implementing. Use new bandage for every procedure.


    The fifth home remedy: Ice

    IceUnfortunately the disease is happening very often and many people are just scared or ashamed of visiting doctor. The possibility if treating the disease at home is incredible solution for those who suffer from painful and burning symptoms. Ice can be used in several possible ways. In fact it is proven that ice remedies can solve the problem and heal the hemorrhoids completely.

    Compress with ice:

    • Compress with ice should be applied for few minutes directly on the spot.
    • We will wrap ice in the bandage and implement it on the anus.
    • This remedy usually is applied twice a day for a whole month.

    Don’t be afraid of ice. First procedures will be 30-40 seconds but later you will be able to survive the procedure few minutes long.

    Ice candles:

    • Rectal candles are extremely powerful when they are made from ice.
    • Take a paper (hard enough to survive water) and make conical shape forms from it.
    • As soon as paper forms are ready they should be filled with water and immediately placed in the freezer.
    • Ice candles should be extracted from the paper, sharp ending should be carefully broken and candle can be placed into the rectum.
    • First implementation should not be longer than 30 seconds.
    • Every fifth procedure we can increase time candle is staying inside for 5 seconds.

    With some time our skin and body will get used to ice and we will be able to survive prolonged procedures. Ice conical sometimes is prepared with additives of oak, chestnut or yarrow. Sometimes ice cubes with such additives are prepared for compresses or for the use after the defecation instead of using toilet paper.

    Ice contraindications:

    • Quick development and course of the disease.
    • Prostatitis in the inflammation stage.
    • Thrombosis hemorrhoid formations.
    • Too large hemorrhoids.

    Treatment with ice is capable of healing hemorrhoids on any of known stages of disease and any type of it. Carefully learn contraindications and apply the remedy in case your disease is not among the list of them. Proctologist highly recommend regularly use the ice for the hygiene of the anus.

    Advice: Remember that the treatment of diseases such as hemorrhoids is very individual. There are no universal options so always consult with the doctor in case your disease doesn’t seem like being cured at home.




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