How to stop diarrhea, top 7 most efective home remedies

diarrhea Pain in the abdomen. Diarrhea is frequent and liquid excrements caused by disorders of intestines function. Home remedies have accumulated extensive experience in dealing with such unpleasant illness as diarrhea.

When it appears, it is not necessary to start medication therapy. Consuming of medicines causes side effects and it is a reason to avoid them. Sometimes it is much safer to use recipes of alternative medicine, especially since many of their constituent components are almost always at our home.


The first method: Diet

Treatment of diarrhea of any kind requires strict diet that excludes several products completely. In order to succeed in our goal and get rid of diarrhea quicker we should also pay attention to food we consume during period when we experience disease and short period after we cure ourselves.

Exclude following food:

  • Dietfat and sweet products;
  • products that stimulate peristalsis (fresh vegetables, black bread, hot and spicy dishes);
  • milk;
  • canned products;
  • dishes with mushrooms and beans;
  • drinks with gas and cold dishes.

It is not enough just to exclude abovementioned list from the diet. We also need to help our stomach by eating products which will cause minimum complicity in digestion.

Recommended products:

  • nonfat meat or fish, steamed;
  • few days old white bread;
  • low-fat grated cheese;
  • vegetable soups;
  • chamomile tea is highly recommended, as it reduces inflammation in the intestines.

Sometimes it is even recommended for 1-2 days to stop eating, of course, it depends on the severity of symptoms. The reason of skipping food is to provide the rest to the gastrointestinal tract. In case you are recommended to avoid food for few days you should drink hot water to compensate the loss of fluid. After such period (1-2 days) food should be gradually introduced into the diet.

Warning: Home remedies for diarrhea are recommended only in cases where the patient is absolutely sure that in the nearest future there is no opportunity to use other means (meaning visiting doctor) to solve the problem. If the diarrhea is accompanied by symptoms of poisoning and temperature you should go to the doctor immediately.


The second method: Tea

Well-known home remedy against diarrhea is a strong tea. We will need tea with leaves; therefore tea bags will not work for this recipe.
Also we should not use tea with adding and aromas. The price of tea is not that important. What important is clearness.

Black tea:

  1. TeaPrepare one cup of good quality and very strong black tea.
  2. Drink whole cup at once.
  3. Eat few spoons of tea leaves which you used for tea preparation.

Eating leaves can be quite a challenge for some of us, but the result will be very quick. You can skip eating leaves and remedy will still help.

Black tea with grape juice:

  1. Prepare half of the cup of very strong black tea.
  2. Add the same amount of grape juice.
  3. Add 5 spoons of sugar.

In case this remedy will be prepared for a kid amount of ingredients should be twice less. Usually this recipe gives results very soon.

Black tea with onions juice:

  1. Take one medium size onion. No need to squeeze onion in order to take onion juice.
  2. Cut in half onion and put it into cup of strong black tea.
  3. Let onion to stay in tea for 10 minutes.
  4. Take onion out and drink tea at once.
  5. No need to add sugar or honey in such remedy.
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This home remedy is used in case you know that reason of your diarrhea is virus. Therefore onions are perfect to be added both to tea and to meals.

Green tea:

  1. Green teaTake 100 grams of dry green tea (in leaves).
  2. Pour two liters of water.
  3. Leave it to stay for 30 minutes.
  4. Boil tea for 1 hour; sometimes mix tea with wooden spoon.
  5. Add 1 liter of water and boil tea for additional 10 minutes.
  6. Strain tea. Put it in clean bottles and save them in fridge.
  7. Such liquid can stay for 6 month in case it is stored properly.

Take such tea in case you faced diarrhea 3-4 times a day for 1-2 tablespoons 20-30 minutes before meal.

Peppermint tea:

  1. Buy dried peppermint leaves in pharmacy (do not buy peppermint tea as it is not the same).
  2. Take two teaspoons of peppermint leaves and pour them with 200 ml of boiling water.
  3. Let it cool down and strain the tea.

Such drink is very useful with our stomach storm. This portion should be taken during the day sip by sip.

Warning: Be careful with green tea, as it is reducing blood pressure, it is not recommended to be heavily consumed by people experiencing hypotension.


The third method: Activated carbon

Activated carbonOne of the well-known home remedies against our uncomfortable problem is activated carbon. We should understand the principles of work of this medicine and then make a decision to take it or not.

How activated carbon works?

  1. We take pill or pills of activated carbon.
  2. Pills work as an absorbent which removes harmful toxins.
  3. Unfortunately as well pills of activated carbon are capturing substances such as vitamins.
  4. More than that, activated carbon can help only against those dangerous substances which are not yet absorbed into the blood and are still located in the stomach or intestine.
  5. This is why activated carbon is effective against diarrhea caused by food poisoning, allergic reactions to products or chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

That basically means that in case of virus diarrhea or the same caused by taking antimicrobials activated carbon unfortunately will not help. This remedy can even cause some harm as it will absorb and evacuate from the body both harmful and needed bacteria. But you should be aware of this and not waste your time on this recipe in case you know the reason of your stomach storm is different from those which can be solved by activated carbon.

How to take activated carbon?

  • For curing diarrhea it is recommended to take the activated carbon three times a day.
  • The required dose is calculated as follows: 1 pill per each 10 kilogram of your weight.
  • Pills course should not exceed 10 days, otherwise there is a risk of weight loss and malnutrition.
  • After such long period of taking activated carbon it is highly recommended to start taking probiotics to restore the amount of beneficial bacteria in the body.
  • In order to get better results sooner every pill should be taken with big amount of fluid.

Children can also take this remedy as activated carbon has natural origin. Before giving this medicine to your kid consult with doctor and investigate the reason of the disease. Usually kids take powdered pills with big amount of water, followed by additional fluid after taking pills.

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Warning: Activated carbon is harmless enough, but in the case of a large overdose you should know that it is possible to get constipation.


The fourth method: Rice

Rice among all possible home remedies is considered as most effective and affordable. Recipe is very simple and price is minimal. Many people are not aware of such qualities of rice. Interesting fact is that not rice itself but starch which is in rice is giving this positive result against our unpleasant disease.

How rice works?

  1. RiceWhen we consume rice it perfectly absorbs moisture.
  2. Also it changes excrements to heavier and thicker.
  3. Rice makes instances calmer.
  4. Rice prevents bloating and do not allow food to ferment.

Most important factor when we consume rice is its safety. Parents are often afraid to give children medicines. It is completely understandable as medicines have side effects. Moreover, drugs can cause allergies. Luckily rice is not dangerous and can be given kids without any fears.

How to cook rice and make it healing remedy?

  1. Standard portion of rice is prepared as follows: take two teaspoon of rice and half liter of the water.
  2. Boil water and put inside rice. Continue boiling.
  3. Rice previously should be staying for some time in cold water.
  4. While you are boiling the rice you should mix rice from time to time.
  5. In order not to glue together our rice the fire should be on medium level.
  6. In total time of cooking is 50 minutes, after this time we should remove rice from the fire and strain it.
  7. We will need liquid which is full of starch.
  8. Do not throw away boiled rice as it will be perfect first meal for our body.

Usually first results appear in one or two hours after taking this remedy. Children feel better after this remedy much quicker than adults. As soon as you will notice that your body normalized excrement composition you should stop taking this rice liquid. After normalizing of excrement it is recommended to drink strong sweet tea with bread.

Dose of rice liquid:

  • Adults should take 150 ml every time. Procedure should be repeated every three hours.
  • Children dose varies from 50 to 100 ml. Children should take this remedy not more than 3-4 times a day.

Additionally, consuming of rice water which is full of starch provides needed nutrition for the body, which is especially important if you have diarrhea as eating of food can cause additional problems with stomach.

Warning: Children in summer often eat something dirty on the street. Possible reasons of disease of your kid can be some dirty fruit from the tree or berry. In case you faced such situation this remedy is perfect and harmless solution for you.


The fifth method: Pomegranate peels

The reason of using of pomegranate peels is that they mostly contain tannins. That is why it gives significant results against our disease.
As an additional plus we can also investigate that skins of pomegranate contain plenty of antioxidants, which perfectly help with the symptoms of dysentery.

How to prepare pomegranate peels:

  1. Pomegranate peelsWash pomegranate properly.
  2. Peel the fruit.
  3. White layer can be removed as it has absolutely no nutrients.
  4. The rest of the red part of peels should be dried. Now they are ready for cooking.
  5. Such dried pomegranate peels can be stored in case you want to prepare remedy in future again.
  6. Grind dries pomegranate peels and pour them with 200 ml of boiling water.
  7. Boil peels for approximately 15 minutes.
  8. Let them stay for extra 30-40 minutes in the water.
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Such home remedy should be consumed in the amount of one teaspoon several times a day. Usually after few days of consuming you will forget you ever had diarrhea. We should remember that pomegranate peels is only recommended for adults. In case you need to cure the child you need to consult with the doctor.

Warning: In case doctor approved and you are curing a kid with this remedy you should reduce dose of pomegranate peels water as much as you can. Recipe can be consumed not more than 3 times a day. It is strictly forbidden to take together antihistamines and pomegranate peels remedy.


The sixth method: Pepper

PepperBlack pepper should be consumed in the end of the day. At night when our body will be having a rest seeds of black pepper will be better digested. In case we will take it in the morning than effectiveness will be reduced.

How to consume black pepper:

  • Adults should take 10 peas a day.
  • Black pepper should be swallowed without chewing.
  • Immediately after swallowing you should drink water.
  • Teenagers should take 5 peas. This is half dose of adult.
  • In case your children are younger than 5 years old this remedy is forbidden for them.

The first result of this remedy will be already in the morning after first consuming of black pepper. It is recommended to consult with the doctor before implementing this remedy.

Warning: Black pepper is strictly forbidden in case you have following diseases: allergy, kidney inflammatory or urinary system inflammatory, anemia. Stay away from pepper in such cases.


The seventh method: Emotions

EmotionsQuite often diarrhea can be caused by emotional problems. Such type of diarrhea can appear as a result of stress situation, fears or worrying. How to solve such type of disease? It is not that much different as rest types as a disease is the same. To heal your body you should try to relax, drink a cup of strong sweet tea and solve your emotional problems.

Additional diarrhea reasons:

  • consuming of heavy food;
  • consuming of incompatible foods;
  • eating a new meal, while the previous has not yet been digested completely;
  • irregular diet;
  • consuming of exotic and unusual for the body fruits, vegetables and other products;
  • consuming of dirty food and poor-quality water.

In order to cure the disease effectively and not to guess along with trying all the possible remedies you should determine the reason of the disease and what exactly caused it.

Warning: After all, pay attention to types of remedies. If the treatment is chosen incorrectly it can even make situation worse and also lead to harmful consequences.




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