How to get rid of corns using 5 easy remedies

feetCorn is skin which was compacted or deformed as a result of mechanical damage. This change in skin does not carry explicit risks to our life that is why we quite often do not hurry with its treatment. Unfortunately the damage will not disappear on its own. Sometimes corns hurt, start bleeding and cause a lot of inconveniences. As the result with no treatment we get chronic so-called “dry” corn and it is even harder to get rid of it.

It is very important to react and treat corns on time. We can prevent corns by removing rough old skin regularly. In case it is too late for preventing we need to react immediately and use all possible tools and techniques. The best possible way to solve the problem is to act immediately and use natural remedies.


The first remedy: Oils

OilsToday in any pharmacy or beauty store you can buy oils for home use. Usually we already have some oils at home (in the kitchen or in the bathroom). Some women enjoy essential oils and they end up having whole collection of different oils. For our treatment we can use almost any oil. Vegetable oils are great against dry corns.

Oils against corns:

  • Linseed oil.
  • Olive oil.
  • Corn oil.
  • Castor oil etc.

Oils soften the skin and they are very often used as a mean to remove calluses. Pay attention to the cream components. You can buy cream with one of these oils and use it as a preventive or healing treatment. In case you want to get great result quicker you should use the remedy on the daily basis.

Oil implementation:

  • Take a sit and prepare few cotton balls and oil which you plan to use on the corns.
  • Make sure that the surface where oil will be implemented is clean.
  • Soak cotton ball in the oil and put it on the damaged place.
  • Wrap the toe or foot with polyethylene and textile (sock).
  • Leave the oil on the skin for the whole night.
  • Usually after such a “steam bath” which we made with the help of oil and polyethylene it is easier to wash and remove the corns from the foot mechanically. Use some graters for the foot.
  • Repeat the procedure as many times as it will take to get rid of the corns completely.

Oils are harmless and can be implemented even every day if you have enough of time and desire to fight with the unpleasant skin damage.

Interesting: Some women prefer castor oil instead of all the rest oils because this type of oil not just softens the skin but additionally stimulates blood circulation. In such a way the healing process is quicker.


The second remedy: Feet baths

Feet bathsDepending on the type of damage we can choose the perfect bath for feet. The simplest is the remedy against dry corns. Here we can use very hot water and almost any means to get rid of them. The best and quickest solution against dry type of calluses is baking soda, soap and hot water.

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Hot bath with baking soda:

  • Take a bowl (usually we have plastic bowl for washing which can be now used for feet) and fill it with hot water.
  • Dissolve 3 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of soap (liquid or hard) per each liter of water.
  • Usually 3 liters are enough to cover both feet and enjoy the procedure comfortably.
  • Put your both feet into the water and sit in such a position for 30 minutes. You can turn on TV or take your favorite book and enjoy the procedure.
  • Take your tools for scraping feet and eliminate softened skin.
  • Wipe feet with the clean towel and implement some good quality nourishing cream or olive oil.

Such procedure is recommended to be implemented not often than once a month. This remedy is helping us preventing new corns to appear and eliminate the corns we made during the month.

Cold bath with salt:

  • This remedy is perfect for the warm seasons.
  • Dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt in the liter of water (water should be of a room temperature).
  • Put your feet into the water and wait approximately half an hour.
  • This salty bath helps to get rid of dry and hard corns.

Salty feet bath will relieve pain, burning feeling and make our skin softer after first implementation. Always implement nourishing cream after bath and your skin will get better and better after every procedure.

Interesting: In case you struggle from painful corns you can add one teaspoon of potassium permanganate to the salty feet bath. This method wills relief pain very quickly.


The third remedy: Homemade lotions

 lotionsLotions are sold against everything and especially a lot of them there are in the beauty shops for our feet. Problems with feet are so common that we are using sometimes few or even more remedies and are ready to spend a lot of money to get rid of annoying painful problems on toes or feet. There is even better way to solve the problem and this remedy is known for centuries. We can use homemade lotion recipes and get rid of painful annoying corns.

Lotion with prunes and milk:

  • Remove bones from few prunes and soak them in the hot milk.
  • During 20-30 minutes apply hot prunes on the damaged spot and replace them with hot prunes as soon as they are getting colder.

Prunes with milk are softening our skin incredibly. You will not recognize your skin after this remedy. After few days of implementation you can remove the corns easily. Using natural remedies we can skip worrying about allergies or irritation because we always know what ingredients we used for each recipe.

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Lotion with lemon:

  • This remedy is perfect for the evening procedures. The best time to prepare and implement this remedy is time before bed.
  • Soak your feet in the very hot water for 15 minutes (it is enough time to make skin softer).
  • Wipe feet dry and implement on the problematic places slices of lemon with peel. One of the lemon slices per each of the annoying corns.

Repeat the procedure few days in a row. After a week you should steam up feet and carefully remove the softened corn. You will be surprised how soft and easy to remove damaged skin will be after lemon remedy.

Lotion with potato:

  • Peel one raw potato and grate it on the grater.
  • Wrap the grated potato in the gauze and implement it on the corn for the whole night.
  • Use sock or plastic bag to make sure that the raw grated potato is staying on the place where we need it to stay.
  • In the morning wash your feet and remove the corn.

Sometimes you need to repeat the procedure few times before you will be able to remove the annoying damaged skin completely. Don’t give up and try few more times.

Interesting: In case your corns are not just annoying but also painful you can use leaf of aloe overnight on the skin. In the morning corn softens and we can scrape it easily and painlessly.


The fourth remedy: Natural compress

Natural compressThe point of using any remedies against corns is to get rid of them completely. Sometimes we do not worry about the possible risks and are ready to risk our skin health by implementing whatever we found. This is not the smartest way to act. We should always care and take into consideration possible risks and even damage we can receive after used methods. Natural compress is one of the remedies with no risk for health.

Compress with onions:

  • Take one big onion and cut it into round slices.
  • Put one round on each damages place and wrap the foot into polyethylene.
  • Wear these Funny Socks on the compress and leave the onion on the foot for the whole night.
  • In the morning take the shower and wash gently foot with warm water.
  • You will feel that skin became softer and you can scrape the corns off.

After the implementation of the compress you should put some talcum powder on the foot. If you have use some baby powder.

Compress with bee glue:

  • Have a bath and make sure that your feet stay for some time in hot or warm water (for 10-15 minutes).
  • Wipe your feet and implement thin layer of bee glue on the damaged skin. Bee glue should be warmed up in hands by massaging the piece of it.
  • Fixate with some bandage bee glue on your feet and keep it on for the whole day.
  • In the evening warm up your feet in the bath and mechanically remove parts of corn which became softer.
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Bee glue is not that complicated to buy. It is sold everywhere where raw natural honey can be found. Sometimes there are honey festivals or special honey shops in smaller cities. Try to find natural bee glue and you will be impressed by its power.

Interesting: If you use bee glue compress during the week you can get rid of most long-standing thick callosities


The fifth remedy: Laser removal

 Laser Laser removal of dry and old corns became one of the most often performed operations made by cosmetologists these years. If you are ready to spend some time and money you can take into consideration this method. Unfortunately in comparison to natural and homemade remedies this one has quite a list of contraindications.

Contraindications for laser removal:

  • Pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Cancer.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Skin diseases as well as its damage or open wounds.
  • Diabetes.
  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage.
  • Tendency to form keloid scars.
  • Age younger than 15.

Luckily the laser session can take place without prior preparations and immediately after the first consultation with a dermatologist.

Laser removal procedure:

  • Patient is sitting or lying on the special couch or chair.
  • Dermatologist is giving the patient local anesthesia with the syringe.
  • Corn is treated with the antiseptic liquid.
  • Removal procedure is performed.
  • On the place of the wound (after the removal there is one or few) some medicine is placed.
  • Doctor is fixating the wound with the soft bandage.

Immediately after the procedure patient can go home and continue with his everyday routine. To achieve the best results and have healthy skin after laser removal of corns there are some recommendation for the recovery period.

Rehabilitation period:

  • Do not dig or touch the formed crust (on the place of the wound). It will eventually exfoliate itself.
  • Do not spend a long time in the water. Try even avoiding bath and better take a shower instead.
  • Do not use the sauna.
  • Do everything according to doctor’s instructions. Wipe wound with antiseptic liquid.

The process of wound healing will not take more than 22 days. You will get rid of annoying old corns and enjoy your new skin.

Interesting: Whole procedure of the laser removal will take approximately 15 minutes. In such a short term you can get rid of the pain and the unpleasant appearance of blisters forever.



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