Top-5 Natural Products Able to Cleanse Body of Excess Salt

cleanse bodyDuring life our body accumulates inorganic deposits of salts in tissues, joints and the bloodstream. The deposition of salts is one of the main causes of diseases of the kidneys, joints, liver and bile ducts, as well as general deterioration of well-being and appearance. This leads to health deterioration, changes in joints and vessels. Poor health and loss of strength also often arises from the accumulation of salts and slags in the body.


Product number 1: Rice

riceWith the help of rice, a variety of pathological and non-pathological deposits in different places of the body – joints, vessels, organs and tissues – are excellently removed. The process of cleansing body of salts lasts two months. It is possible to carry out such cleansing no more often than once in two years. This is due to the fact that the rice diet to cleanse the body takes salts out of the body and leads to desalination of tissues.

The recipe for cleaning the body is simple:

  • It is necessary to take about 3 kilograms of rice.
  • Put rice in a 8-10 liter pot.
  • This rice should be washed daily under running water for about 25 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure for 7 days or more, until the water when rinsing rice will be pure.
  • Then dry the rice well and put it in a paper bag. Thus, the prepared rice should be boiled in boiling water in small portions, one tablespoon for 20-25 minutes.
  • When cooking, you should stir it occasionally so that the rice does not stick to the bottom.

Water during cooking should be changed once or twice. Cooked rice should be washed with warm water and eaten on an empty stomach still warm. You can drink water and eat not earlier than four hours after the rice breakfast, otherwise rice will pick up the salt from the products.

For the best effect of cleansing the body of salt, you can eat several apples an hour before the consumption of rice, because they also very well derive salt. After eating rice it is normal to feel hunger- this is just because salt is excreted. While you are following the diet based on rice for cleansing the body, you need to give up everything that has a lot of salts and harmful substances, for example, smoked meat, meat, spicy foods, alcohol, fat and, of course, salt itself.

Approximately on the 30th day of the rice diet, the removal of toxins and salts from the genitourinary system and joints will begin. This will be seen in the turbid urine. In general, salt and slag will come out about another three months after the end of rice reception.

Approximately from the third week, the feeling of hunger during the four-hour abstinence from eating would be unbearable. Also there will be dizziness, weakness and malaise. This is because rice takes from the body not only salt but also potassium. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish potassium in the body through potassium-containing food: cereals, potatoes, dried apricots, nuts, raisins, tea with honey, apple cider vinegar.

In no case can you overeat, because in some, the process of purifying the body of rice is very difficult and painful, so do not aggravate. This can be aching pain in the legs, joints and buttocks, there are pain points on the lower back, a general malaise and even dizziness.

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Rice Kvass Recipe

There is one more cleansing of the body with the help of rice kvass. This type of cleansing is more sparing for the body and much easier to tolerate.

  • Prepare rice kvass from filtered, mineral, melted water. Water is filled to the top with a standard liter jar;
  • Add 4 tablespoons of rice and 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, you can add about 5 raisins.
  • For three days the bank is exposed to the sun, previously covered with gauze.
  • When three days pass, the canisters are taken from the can with an interval of several hours.
  • When the kvass is ripe, it is poured into any convenient container and stored in a refrigerator.

This kvass is enough to cleanse one person. If the cleansing is carried out for several people, then you need to do more, in accordance with the proportions. It is necessary to drink 100 milliliters of kvass 3-4 times a day after meal.

After the body is cleansed with rice kvass, it is also necessary to replenish potassium reserves, that is, to eat dried apricots, raisins, nuts and so on.

Important: Before using of rice, you need to wash the component that is responsible for creating mucus. Then the rice becomes porous and absorbs salts and pathological formations very well.

Product number 2: Sea Kale

sea-kaleSea kale has in its composition special substances, called alginates and they have a neutralizing effect on toxic substances, and also favorably affect the speedy removal of them from the body.

Sea kale can be eaten during all life, and the longer it enters the diet, the more benefits it will bring. Preventative and therapeutic dose of sea kale is not large: it is enough to eat 2 teaspoons of sea kale a day. It can be dry, canned, pickled or cooked as a salad.

Dry sea kale should be washed with cold water, then poured with warm water and left to swell for 1 hour. Then, if the cabbage is very hard, it can be boiled in the same water for 15 minutes, after which the broth is drained (use it for baths and compresses). Cool the kale and use it for salads.

Sea kale can be added to borsch, cabbage soup, along with white cabbage.

Recipe of Sea Kale Marinade

  • Take 1 tbsp of salt per 1 glass of water,
  • Take 2 tbsp. sugar,
  • 5-6 pieces of cloves,
  • add 1/2 tsp. black pepper and the chopped garlic head,
  • add 2 bay leaves,
  • add 2 tbsp. vinegar 9%.

Boil the marinade, add the vinegar. Pour the marinade with sea kale so that it completely covers it. The medicinal properties of sea kale are tested and proven by the centuries-old use of this marine medicinal plant, as well as a medicinal product, for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Important: If you have an increased sensitivity to iodine, then prolonged, non-dosed intake of sea kale may lead to the phenomena of iodism.

Product number 3: Potatoes

potatoesThanks to the large amount of starch in potatoes it is an indispensable absorber of toxic substances as well as excess accumulation of salt. It is better to boil potatoes when eating or bake it to benefit from its useful properties.

Potato compress

Compress from potatoes can be used for such problem areas as the neck or joints.


  • potatoes,
  • fir oil,
  • honey

Preparation: Scrunch raw potatoes on a fine grater and mix with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply a compress on the problem area using the prepared mass. Top with compression paper, wrap it with a towel and fix it with a bandage. Keep the compress for 2 hours. Having removed it, wipe the place of compress with a dry napkin and grease with fir oil. The recommended course of treatment is 7-10 days.

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Potato Decoction

A patient with salt deposits in joints at the time of treatment is recommended to follow a vegetarian diet. For 40 days the diet must include only porridge and vegetable dishes a decoction of potatoes.

  • The decoction is prepared from 1 kg of untreated tubers.
  • First it is necessary to wash from the ground, remove the rotten and damaged parts.
  • Potatoes, together with the skin, cut into small cubes, combined with 3 liters of boiling water.
  • Cook for 1.5 hours in clean enameled dishes without plaque.
  • The product is filtered, the tubers are squeezed and discarded.

Important: It is recommended not to add salt in the potato decoction. 3 cups of potato drink per day will be enough to remove excess salt from the body.

Product number 4: Beetroot

BeetrootBeetroot is an amazing plant. Today it is effectively used for the treatment of many diseases. Beetroot helps with all the ailments as its content of nutrients is really rich. With the use of beet, the binding of salt occurs and its elimination in the natural way. It is rich in organic acids (oxalic, malic, citric, lactic, as well as folic and pantothenic acids). Roots contain many sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, pigments. Beet gives energy to cells, binds toxins formed in the process of vital activity of the organism, contributes to their elimination. It ideally improves intestinal peristalsis.

Beetroot Drink

The main component of the drink is sure a beetroot, in fresh leaves of which there are much more nutrients than in the root of the vegetable. So, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is 24-48 mg%, in root crops – not more than 30 mg%.

Beetroot leaves as a medicine were very appreciated by ancient Persians and Romans. They soaked them in wine and included, as part of their recipes.

Variant 1

  • Take 3 liters of milk whey,
  • 1 glass of sugar,
  • 1 glass of shredded beet leaves, which is placed in a pouch of gauze.

All components are immersed in a three-liter can. In order for the beetroot to not float upward, put a pebble (sinker) in the pouch. If the whey is overheated when it is curdled, then a little (about a teaspoon) of sour cream should be added to the resulting whey. Sour cream always contains healthy milk bacteria. Store the can with the decoction in a warm, dark place. After two weeks, during which very strong lactic acid bacteria are formed, the drink is ready for use.

Variant 2

The beetroot drink can be done not only on whey, but also on ordinary water. For this you should take:

  • three liters of water,
  • a glass of sugar,
  • a glass of shredded beet leaves.

For leaven, put half a glass of milk whey or a tablespoon of sour cream into a three-liter jar. Within two weeks, a fermentation process will take place, which results in a very pleasant drink, reminiscent of beer.

Important: Drink one or two glasses a day, although it can be drunk without restrictions.

Product number 5: Bay Leaf

bay-leavesThe Bay leaf is a famous spice, widely used for cooking a wide variety of dishes. The bay leaf is not just a spice that gives a unique aroma and slightly bitter flavor to food, but it has many healing properties. It helps with colds and sore throats, to calm nerves, reduce blood sugar, improve digestion, with indigestion and flatulence. The Bay leaf has another remarkable property: it is able to purify the body of salts. It is especially good to carry out this cleansing method after you have cleansed the liver.

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How it works: the bay leaf expands microvessels, in particular, blood supply joints. And the deposition of salts is precisely due to the poor blood supply of small joints. When saline growths and thorns appear, joints lose their mobility, flexibility, elasticity, this process is slow and the person at first hardly feels it. So there are manifestations of rheumatic diseases: arthritis and arthrosis, gout, osteochondrosis. If you carry out periodic cleansing decoction from bay leaves – metabolic processes are accelerated, salts are washed away, swelling and inflammation decreases, blood is purified.

In order to make the cleansing process even more effective, you need to pay attention to food. In the days when you drink the decoction, food should be light, without excess and the presence of hard-to-digest (fried, fatty) food, preference should be given to vegetable dishes. Food can also be divided (when one meal is eaten separately or protein food-fish and seafood, or carbohydrate – porridge, vegetables, bread).

The fact that the purification process has gone can be seen on the urine, which will become pinkish – this indicates an intensive dissolution of salts that irritate the bladder. Micturition can intensify at the same time – every hour.

Before the procedure of cleansing the joints with a bay leaf, it is recommended to make a cleansing enema in order to avoid allergic manifestations. And during 3

days of drinking the decoction, it is also recommended to perform daily cleansing of the intestine with an enema.

The Bay leaf broth

  • To prepare the broth, take 3-4 bay leaves (medium size),
  • finely chop them and pour 1.5 cups of hot water,
  • then put the boil on a small fire – 3 minutes,
  • pour the broth together with the leaves into a thermos bottle and leave to infuse overnight.

In the morning, strain, and start drinking 2 sips 15 minutes before eating between meals for about 12 hours. If you work, you can take some of the broth in a small bottle with you, and leave the rest in the refrigerator.

Important: It is not recommended to drink much of bay leaf broth at once as there is a risk of bleeding. After 3 days, take a week break and then take the broth for 3 more days, preparing it also in the evening.

Top-10 Measures to Take to Prevent Salt Accumulation in the Body

say no to alcoholIn order to preserve one’s health, it is necessary to approach seriously the preventive measures with all seriousness. They will help maintain health at a good level and prevent the accumulation of excess salt in the body. According to doctors, the most effective actions are the following:

  • decrease in the amount of salt consumed to the recommended volume;
  • have sufficient physical activity;
  • treat all diseases of the urinary system immediately;
  • control over the endocrine system;
  • include fruit and vegetables in the daily menu;
  • refuse from fast food;
  • drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day;
  • control the salt level with the prophylactic blood test once a year;
  • don’t drink alcohol (it breaks the work of the kidneys, because of what the excretion of salt is inhibited);
  • don’t smoke (for the same reason as alcohol).



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