5 Working home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

bacterial vaginosisWomen of young age face bacterial vaginosis all of a sudden. This disease can appear and stay in its not active stage but it has very upsetting and tragic results in case it will not be cured on time.  Unpleasant is the fact that bacteria causing the disease is already there in our vagina just it will be activated and growing with speed of light in case we will get the disease.

Here are most common symptoms: vaginal discharge (color can be white, grey, yellow; smell will remind spoiled fish and sticky consistency); itching feeling in vulva; discomfort during sex, itching feeling during sex; feeling you want to pee appears more often than usual and sometimes pain and itching feeling while peeing. Noticing these symptoms you can start immediately with easy and working methods we suggest and you will soon forget that you ever faced this decease.


Method number 1: Bath with curing ingredients

bathThe term itself “bacterial vaginosis” appeared in the medicine just recently but disease exists much longer. For centuries women faced the disease just it was called differently, that is why there are more than enough working solutions against it which are cheap and easy to implement at home. Unpleasant feeling of itching along with discharge are annoying and we more than anything want to stop that feeling of pain and discomfort.

Apple cider vinegar bath:

  1. Prepare yourself warm bath full of warm water.
  2. Add one cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath.
  3. Sit in the bath with spread legs and stay in the water for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Apple cider vinegar will kill bacteria and toxins causing vaginosis.

Basic idea is that we need to influence micro flora of vagina. Taking a bath make sure you are staying in the water and not feeling cold and your body should be covered with water till waist minimum.

Tea tree oil little bath:

  1. Take a bowl big enough you can sit on it.
  2. Add two or three table spoons of tea tree oil and mix everything.
  3. Tea tree oil has antifungal effect. Along with that it is perfect treatment against smell.
  4. Sit above the bowl with spread legs and wash your vagina carefully.

Tea tree oils are very often used in beauty home remedies. You should also keep in mind that tea tree oil is very strong antifungal solution and also helps in case of any inflammatory processes of skin. Using it you should be very careful and mix it with water before implementing on the skin.

Relaxing honey bath:

  1. Prepare yourself nice warm full of water bath.
  2. Take a bowl and mix three-five table spoons with liter of warm water in it.
  3. Add “honey water” together with bath foam to your bath and lay in it with spread legs.
  4. Relax and every five minutes add some hot water in order not to stay in cold water.
  5. You will feel your skin should become very pleasant and gentle after this bath along with relaxing feeling of your vagina.

Staying in water often helps women to overcome stress and become calm. 24 % of women in the reproductive age according to researches of gynecologists face bacterial vaginosis. Usually women in the age of 20-40 face this disease. This is quite big number so knowing what to do in case of disease will help you to solve the problem immediately without exiting your home because some ingredients are already in your apartment.

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Oak bark bath will heal all wounds:

  1. Take 250 grams of oak bark (it can be bought in any pharmacy) and cover it with cold water (use approximately two liters of water) in the bowl for 3-4 hours.
  2. Boil everything (water with oak bark) for ten-fifteen minutes.
  3. Filter oak bark and leave for the further use only the liquid.
  4. Put prepared liquid into the warm bath and mix it all.
  5. Such bath will relieve inflammation and heal wounds if any.

Oak bark cannot be reused twice so make sure you bought enough in case you decided to have few such procedures. In order to get results as soon as possible it is recommended to take curing bath every day once.

Advice: You know yourself which temperature is comfortable for you to stay in and we will not push you to measure temperature of the water. You just keep in mind that you should not feel cold at any point. Also make sure that after bath you will be all dressed in clean and warm clothes. Recommended time of bath is 15-20 minutes. This is enough to relax and not enough to get sauna effect.


Method number 2: Douching

DouchingCuring bacterial vaginosis is mostly oriented on fighting with smell and discharge at home. For this purpose it is recommended to use douching. Douching is method which will affect genitals from the inside and influence micro flora and surfaces inside. As this is not sexually transmitted disease some people do not care that much about curing it. And this is very unfortunate. Bacterial vaginosis can increase your chances of getting sexually transmitted disease and it can cause chronic form of the disease itself.

Chamomile douching:

  1. Take one table spoon of dried chamomile flowers and cover it with one cup of boiled water.
  2. Heat it on the steam for 10 minutes.
  3. Let it stay for half an hour and it will get colder.
  4. Filter the liquid through double gauze.
  5. Take the chamomile syrup and use it for douching while it is warm.
  6. Make such douching two times a day in the morning and in the evening.

Chamomile can be bought in any pharmacy. In case you have friends who have a garden or house in village you can ask them for natural chamomile flowers dried. The best are natural and homemade chamomile flowers.

Oak bark douching:

  1. One table spoon of oak bark should be covered with one cup of hot boiled water.
  2. Put the mixture of the steam and warm it on the steam for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Put hot mixture into the thermos and let it stay warm for three hours.
  4. When liquid will get colder you should filter it and use water for douching.
  5. It is recommended to use such douching one week, every day before sleep.

Advice: Douching should be implemented whole week every day. Success in fighting the disease should not be just focused on getting rid of unpleasant discharge. When curing your body use together inside and outside remedies. The result is always better when you care about your immunity and keep your body healthy.


Method number 3: Change your diet and your habits

citrus fruits.In case you experience disease and it is staying for a while it is highly recommended to analyze your habits and review your diet.

Change your diet slightly:

  1. Eat citrus fruits. Citrus is a source of vitamin C and it is always better to consume natural ingredients and vitamins than pills.
  2. Medical studies shown that excess of fat in the diet can be a reason of accelerate growth of bacteria which causes the disease in the body. Be careful with consuming fat food such as butter, chocolate, meat and other products.
  3. Vitamin E is the best in curing bacterial vaginosis. Products rich with this vitamin are: avocados, broccoli, kiwi, cabbage and spinach.
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Being aware that your health depends on your diet you can actually influence the discharge of your genitals by changing your diet. You do not need to be doctor to investigate if you have bacterial vaginosis or you do not. In case you are sure, and to be sure you better confirm diagnosis with a doctor, you can cure your body using home remedies and succeed without any harm to your health.

Correct your habits:

  1. Do not use hot water for personal hygiene. Use warm water; temperature should be comfortable for you.
  2. Use mild soap without any adding. Soap should be as natural as it is possible.
  3. Always keep vagina clean and dry.
  4. Never wear panties which are not dry completely. Wet surface can cause process of excessing amount of bacteria.
  5. Wear loose clothes. Tight jeans and tight pants can only make situation worse.
  6. Preference should be given to cotton clothes and cotton underwear.
  7. Smoking is also considered as one of the possible reasons.

Some habits are not that dangerous but still they can cause problems with our health. Recheck list above and in case on or more of the mentioned habits are also your habits you should react immediately. Start today and your body will whisper you “thank you”.

Fenugreek to cure and balance hormones:

  1. Fenugreek helps to balance hormones and normalize menstrual cycle.
  2. Take two table spoons of fenugreek and mix it in the glass of water before going to sleep.
  3. In the morning drink water with herbs before breakfast.
  4. The best effect from this remedy will be when you take it on the empty stomach.

Advice: This method is highly recommended to be used together with one or more other methods. Using these simple rules you will help your body to heal quicker. In case you use every day panty liner make sure you use natural one without any additional deodorant effects (having additional smells or deodorant inputs).


Method number 4: Tampons or remedies for curing from the inside

TamponVery successful healing solution from bacterial vaginosis is using of gauze pad soaked in herbal remedies. You can prepare such at home, at your kitchen and few of the recipes are from ingredients which are already in your fridge.

Garlic as a pill:

  1. As you know garlic is very powerful and it is a solution for curing bacterial vaginosis, fungi and bacteria.
  2. Take few cloves of garlic and mash it in the blender or whisk it.
  3. Take paste which you created and put it inside the vagina.
  4. In 1-2 minutes take it out and wash your genitals very carefully and especially spread your legs and wash all leftovers of garlic.

Hands and skin after garlic can smell. When using this method you should consider using rubber gloves.

Tea bag as a remedy:

  1. Tea bag should be not hot, but of the room temperature. Tea will help to get rid of itching feeling in vagina.
  2. Take tea bag and put it into hot water for few minutes.
  3. Than immediately put tea bag into the freezer for short.
  4. Put tea bag into vagina and leave it for 10 minutes inside.
  5. Itching feeling will disappear as soon as you will finish with this remedy.

Black or green tea is recommended for the purposes of this method. Do not use tea with some fruit smells or herbal tea as such will not have antioxidant effect.

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Kefir as a home remedy:

  1. One of the home remedies from bacterial vaginosis is Kefir (yogurt without any adding).
  2. Kefir helps to balance vaginal pH level.
  3. Mix two table spoons of yogurt with two table spoons of water.
  4. Soak tampon in the mixture.
  5. Place tampon inside and leave it for 3-5 minutes.
  6. After implementing carefully wash your genitals.

In case you do not want to make tampon on your own you can search and find in pharmacy hygienic tampons for the purposes of this home remedy.

Aloe Vera with olive oil and buckthorn oil:

  1. Mix in the bowl in the proportion 1 to 1 juice of aloe vera with olive oil (also can be used buckthorn oil instead of olive oil).
  2. Oil should be previously boiled in order to avoid any bacteria in it.
  3. Soak tampon in such mixture.
  4. Implement tampon in vagina for night.
  5. Aloe vera is very good antifungal and antibacterial remedy.

Advice: In order to make tampon on your own you can buy in the pharmacy gauze. Usually ingredients are put on tampon and implemented inside according to the recipe. Some recipes are for short time and other can stay whole night inside. Do not mix it up and read carefully recipe.


Method number 5: Prevention tips


Gynecologists recommend abandoning synthetic tight underwear and there is a reason for that. Wearing such underwear you transfer intestinal micro flora into the vagina. You should understand that you need to avoid sex during the period of curing micro flora of your genitals. Gynecologists also say that curing your partner should happen parallel with your curing in order to prevent you from getting sick again and again.

Follow easy rules to prevent bacterial vaginosis:

  1. Be careful and care about your hygiene as well as hygiene of your genitals. This is number one preventive measure.
  2. Wash your genitals and while washing use gels for intimate hygiene.
  3. Change your underwear every day and wear fresh, clean and most important dry underwear in the morning.
  4. Use barrier contraceptives as they reduce transmission of the disease.
  5. Be careful with douching as it influences micro flora of your vagina and can cause disease.
  6. Control consuming antibiotics and hormones.
  7. Minimize negative effect of stress.
  8. Minimize consuming of antibiotics. They make more harm than help.
  9. Consume enough of dairy products.
  10. Try to use as less as possible tampons.
  11. Care about your immune system. Every year in spring consume vitamins and minerals. Check your diet and control your diet. Make sure you consume enough of vitamins, water and minerals every day.
  12. In case you are aware of fact that you have chronic bowel disease or other conditions that cause dysbacteriosis you should know that lactic bacteria in such conditions are coming from food and live in the intestines. In such situation you need to cure your intestines first and it will influence your genitals problems.

Advice: In case you are pregnant and faced bacterial vaginosis you should only cure it at gynecologist. Self-help in this scenario will do more harm than help.




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