Top-5 Steps to Take to Overcome Nervous Breakdown Successfully

bigstockphoto_Mindfulness_1686658[1]We often dismiss the emerging psychological problems, we write off irritation and constant fatigue on everyday difficulties. Family and workmanship can really cause serious stress conditions, but constant stress is not a normal state of the body at all. If you do not take measures to reduce physical and emotional stress, the result is a breakdown. This exacerbation is the peak when the nerves are at their limit, the body ceases to cope with constant pressure and fails, so having cbd supplements that help with this is great, and there are services like dispensaries in Michigan can help with this. An exacerbation of a nervous disorder is characteristic first of all for sensitive, easily excitable people.

According to statistics breakdowns occur in women more often than in men due to the increased natural emotionality of the weaker sex. Also in the risk group there are those whose professional duties are associated with a constant tension, residents of large cities, as well as people who find themselves in difficult life situations.


9 Symptoms of a Nervous Breakdown

01-7-signs-of-a-nervous-breakdown-breakdown[1]It is rather difficult to recognize an exacerbation of a nervous disorder as it may have many different manifestations, including those similar to other diseases. Here you will find the most typical symptoms of a nervous breakdown:

  1. irritability,
  2. frequent mood changes;
  3. depression, apathy;
  4. anxiety, a panic attack;
  5. sleep disorders;
  6. headache;
  7. increased fatigue,
  8. digestive disorders;
  9. feeling of loneliness.

A nervous breakdown can manifest itself in a stormy form with a pronounced increase in emotionality: in this case, it is much easier for the patient and those around him to see the violation. However, there is also a “quiet” form of the disease: when a person becomes apathetic, weak-willed. If you notice a number of the listed signs in yourself or your relatives, this is an occasion to analyze the situation, to find possible causes of the condition and, if necessary, to start the treatment.

Rule number 1: Follow healthy lifestyle and have proper nutrition

8[1]One of the most important rules that each person who does not want to bring himself to a nervous breakdown should follow is not to provoke his body to distress. Of course, few people want to do this intentionally, but a few think that the habit of sitting up until two nights for watching zombie TV series, the custom of having dinner after midnight, not having breakfast, eating fast food and taking work home for the weekend is nothing more than a systematic deterioration of the physiological and psychological state and, as a consequence, – bringing yourself to a breakdown or depression.

It is necessary to try to normalize the rhythm of life:

  • to go to bed early,
  • eat healthy food,
  • play sports or have some active hobby,

And then you will soon see a decrease in fatigue, irritability, and also an improvement in appearance, which, you will agree, is important for the general mood of a person as everyone wants to look good.

An excellent “antidote” to stress is vitamin B. It is proved that people who experience a deficiency in it are more prone to depressions and nervous disorders than others. A lot of vitamin B is found in dairy products, eggs, vegetables with dark greens, nuts, yeast and bananas. In order to react more calmly to what is happening and to keep working during the day in the state of stress, it is recommended to eat for breakfast or lunch any protein food like chicken legs, hummus, scrambled eggs, eggs with several slices of ham or cheese, supplementing it with fresh fruits and raw vegetables. By combining high-protein foods with fresh herbs in your menu, you will get another important result – the risk of cardiovascular disease will be significantly reduced.

Feeling hungry in the breaks between breakfast, lunch and dinner, do not rush to drown it with crackers, chocolates or chips. You won’t become happier from this.

Important: If feel hungry avoid eating sweets and substitute them with some fruit, vegetable, salad, a sandwich of grain bread or drink a glass of fresh juice or water. This will help not only to keep the figure but also to cope with depression.

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Rule number 2: Do breathing exercises and use relaxation techniques

donna_divano[1]The saying “in a healthy body – a healthy mind”, like any other wisdom, appeared not accidentally. Fitness “unloads” the psyche and relieves tension. Load on the muscles not only allows you to get rid of negative emotions but also speeds up the metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on overcoming stress. It is worth

choosing a lesson to your liking: whether it’s a box section, Scandinavian walking in a park or yoga – it does not matter, the main thing is to make classes fun.

Breathing techniques help you learn to control yourself in critical situations, quickly calming down in a stressful environment.

It is effective to use relaxation techniques and physiotherapy. Various physiotherapeutic methods can have a positive effect on the body of a person on the verge of a nervous breakdown, as well as on his emotional state:

  • Point massage,
  • stone therapy with the pleasant music,
  • the smell of lavender or patchouli from the aroma lamp,
  • water procedures in the phyto bar or jacuzzi,
  • a chocolate or mud mask for the whole body.

These are just some of the popular effective relaxation techniques, which will help you to forget about the reasons of nervousness.

Relaxation of the muscular tissues of the body is based on a change in periods of tension and rest. Muscle relaxation allows not only to relieve physical fatigue, but also to get rid of psychological phobias of any type, pains and momentary attacks of fear, panic, uncontrolled outbursts of anger.

Benefits of relaxation:

  • Special exercises aimed at the interaction of a certain group of muscles and its relaxation give a signal to the appropriate part of the brain,
  • Contributes to a reduction or complete relief from nervous and mental stress.
  • In addition, nerve impulses can extinguish pain, they stimulate the production of hormones that reduce sensitivity and block the effects of harmful substances and viruses.
  • Methods of relaxation help to saturate the blood with oxygen, enrich it with every cell of the body.
  • In addition, during the execution of such exercises, the breathing normalizes, which has a calming effect on the psyche.
  • It has been scientifically proven that respiratory gymnastics, which is one of the types of relaxation, can replace even potent psychotropic drugs and tranquilizers.

Ancient Chinese men believed that there is a connection between the quality of breathing and the quality and duration of a person’s life and were absolutely right, because during the performance of relaxing respiratory movements the most diverse groups of muscles work, the work of the internal organs, the brain and even all layers of the epidermis is activated.

Mental relaxation is the easiest way to relax. Everyone knows psycho-emotional trainings aimed at increasing self-esteem, during which consciousness focuses on eliminating one or another internal or external problem.

Important: Mental relaxation may be conducted with a group of patients, individually and even independently. Psychologists recommend accompanying classes by listening to special relaxing music or sounds of a natural nature.

Rule number 3: Use the method of a cognitive-behavioral therapy

9311345[1]One of the leading places in popularity and proven effectiveness in stress management is cognitive-behavioral therapy. The main essence and meaning of this method is based on the name. Cognitive means thought, judgment, cognition, behavior.

Psychotherapy of stressful conditions using cognitive-behavioral therapy is built on the principles of learning theory. The essence that the therapist communicates in the course of communication to the person is the notion that a person can make mistakes. The principle of the approach implies that the state of stress can affect the thinking activity of a person and his behavior. There is no stress without an intrapersonal conflict. The psychotherapy of stress leads to his search and involves work not only with superficial intermediate thoughts and rational attitudes, but also goes deeper – to the core of the personality, to the system of relationships and to the conflicts that arise there.

The task of the therapist is to teach the patient to look at himself from the outside and thus to receive more information about himself, to learn to change his thinking and behavior. This is what lies at the focus of the method of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The analysis from superficial arbitrary thoughts to deeper underlying ones – automatic and beliefs that are behind this, are explained to the client in the process of therapy. The doctor and the patient should be partners to achieve success. In the method of cognitive-behavioral therapy under stress three principles are important:

  • Awareness of the actual problem;
  • Forming an alternative. The therapist teaches how to act, what are the algorithms for processing information, how to build relationships.
  • Using these algorithms in ordinary life.
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As a result of this method, the person not only begins to understand his behavior, but also learns to transform it. The focus of this approach is to support the person experiencing stress. In cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, patients are taught to recognize negative thoughts and behavior patterns caused by stress and modify them in such a way as to alter emotional reactions. To do this, therapists ask patients to keep a diary to record negative thoughts.

Important: New behaviors are tested in therapeutic sessions often in the form of role-playing games so that they can then serve as a model for behavior to overcome stress.

Rule number 4: Use natural homemade remedies

herbal-infusion[1]To effectively eliminate severe nervous exhaustion and agitation you need to know what to take and how to deal with the ailment. Even without the prescription of the specialist, you can prepare the following remedies at home, which are completely natural.

Herbal Infusions:

Recipe 1: Field sage infusion

Raw materials are taken in the amount of three tablespoons and filled with 500 ml of boiling water with the sugar dissolved in it beforehand. After the remedy is infused for 15 minutes, you can drink it instead of tea. The amount of the composition can be drunk throughout the day. This is the ideal remedy from fatigue, exhaustion, with hypertension and if you suffer from headache.

Recipe 2: Herbal infusion of hawthorn flowers

Take 3 parts of hawthorn flowers, 1 part of chamomile, 3 parts of motherwort and the same quantity of cotton grass. All components are thoroughly mixed and poured into a glass of boiling water for 8 hours of infusion. The resulting infusion after percolation is taken at 0.5 cup three times a day after eating. The remedy is good for a strong nervous strain and with heart disease that has arisen on its background.

Recipe 3: Lagochilus grass infusion

A powerful effect in the treatment process is provided by a homemade remedy made on the basis of a herb or Lagochilus grass. A spoonful of grass is poured into a glass of water and insisted for an hour. The received product is taken one spoon up to 6 times a day and preferably before meals.

Recipe 4: Astragalus grass infusion

Astragalus grass helps to quickly return the general mental balance and eliminate all the symptoms of nervous exhaustion. To prepare the infusion, a glass of boiling water should be poured into two spoons of grass. The mixture is infused for two hours. After this, the infusion should be drunk several times a day in a dosage of not more than two spoons. This remedy perfectly calms the nerves and optimally normalizes the work of the heart muscle.


Mumijo ideally helps with all forms of nervous breakdown. You can quickly get rid of such unpleasant symptoms as insomnia, manifestations of problems in the form of vegetovascular dystonia, different localization of headache, neurosis, neuritis and radiculitis.

External use: With nervous disorders and breakdowns, it is recommended to rub a 10% alcoholic composition into temples for 5-6 minutes. This course of treatment should last at least three weeks. Then you can take a short break for 10 days and repeat the therapy.

Internal use: Inside the mumijo should be taken simultaneously with honey and milk. Dosage in this case is determined by the doctor, usually a few drops on a glass of warm milk, honey is added for taste.

The therapeutic compositions made on the basis of this substance have a positive effect on all the work of all organs of the human body.

Dosed and regular intake of mummy completely restores the exhausted nervous system, normalizes sleep, eliminates all consequences of a nervous breakdown or effectively prevents it.

Mud therapy

There are several popular recipes that are used to treat a nervous breakdown. It is possible to treat such formulations not only in sanatoria, but also at home, having previously bought a special therapeutic mud in the pharmacy.

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Here are the most common methods of treatment:

Recipe 1: Mud embrocation

Take 50 grams of mud and 250 ml of water. Dissolve raw materials in water to the state of gruel. A small amount of the solution is applied to the temples, to the base of the neck and along the line of the spine. All this should be left on the body for 30 minutes and then washed off with warm water. A positive effect can be achieved with a daily application before going to bed for 15-20 days. To achieve a higher effect, the mud can be mixed with beeswax. The components are taken in equal amounts, and such lotion can be left overnight. If nervous breakdowns occur during pregnancy, this remedy is ideal.

Recipe 2: Mud and tea leaves mix

You will quickly get rid of signs of a nervous breakdown by rubbing certain areas of the body with a mixture of tea leaves and mud. To prepare the composition, you need to take 30 grams of tea leaves and mud, mix everything. The composition is applied to the temples, on the base of the neck, on the feet and on the spine. After 30 minutes of treatment, the mix is washed off with water. This remedy should be applied every three days throughout the month.

Recipe 3: Compress on the basis of therapeutic mud

Take 100 gram of mud as a basis and everything is divided into two halves. From one half you need to mold 3 equal layers – one is thick enough and two are thinner. It is very simple to use the remedy. Thin layers are applied to the temples, but wider and thicker to the forehead or to the chest. Such a compress should be kept for about 50 minutes approximately. A positive effect is achieved after a daily application of the compress for 10 days.

Important: Natural remedies are effective if used in a combination with other methods. Don’t stop using the mentioned remedies even after you have noticed the first results as the treatment course must be not less than the mentioned number of days.

Rule number 5: Take vitamins and anti-stress drugs

vitamins1[1]In case you find it not very convenient to prepare homemade remedies or if you don’t see any results, then you are recommended to consult a doctor to be prescribed medications for stress elimination. Drug treatment, especially in conjunction with non-pharmacological methods, brings tangible results in eliminating both causes and symptoms of stress. However, it must be remembered that all medications, from simple vitamins to prescription drugs, should be recommended by a doctor.

Main groups of drugs prescribed under stress can be:

  • Symptomatic drugs with concomitant sedative effect: They help to calm down quickly and get rid of insomnia.
  • Medicines based on herbal preparations: Nature has given pharmacology a natural basis for many sedatives, ranging from time-tested tinctures of peony or motherwort. Such medications do have a rather quick soothing effect, but they have inhibitory effect on emotional and cognitive reactions, reduce concentration, cause drowsiness, so do not use them while you work, study, or when you need to drive.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Complexes: Doctors recommend that patients add multivitamin complexes or certain macro- and microelements (magnesium, for example) to additional therapies. Products from Weed Dispensary Canada also really help the body better cope with stress.
  • Anti-stress drugs: Some drugs are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. They help to eliminate anxiety, stress, anxiety, stimulate the nervous system and protect the nerve cells from stressful factors. However, such drugs have fewer side effects, most often do not require a dose increase and do not cause addiction.

Important: In order to get a complex therapeutic effect it is necessary not only to take anti-stress drugs but to use the combination of methods to overcome nervous breakdown successfully.



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