Home remedies for ringworm will help you to quickly cure and prevent spreading the infection

ringwormRingworm is caused by fungi. Fungi is growing and spreading in wet and warm places where can easily be found moist. Such places are everywhere around us. Literally every day we visit places where fungi can appear. You can visit swimming pool and / or bathroom of your friends and get it. Also you can get ringworm using someone’s towel or exchanging clothes with someone. You can get it from people, animals or surfaces with fungi. Unfortunately we will not see the infection immediately. After getting it from animals we will see bold spots or infected areas after week or two, after getting it from people or infected towels you can see infection on your skin after four weeks.

To prevent this unpleasant situation try to avoid touching animals looking sick or having bald spots, do not touch anything without gloves in case you are visiting farm (it is enough even to touch gates, which animals with ringworm touched before with their back), wash your hands and body carefully with the soap and use fungicidal soap with very hot water in case you might get infected, do not share towels or clothes with other people, always use your own towel when you go to the swimming pool or visit hotel, always use flip-flops in public bathrooms or swimming pool.

Unfortunately even playing according to the rules we can still catch the infection. These simple methods will help you to prevent spreading the infection and cure you.


  1. Method number 1: Iodine
  2. Method number 2: Clean and hot
  3. Method number 3: Oils
  4. Method number 4: Vinegar and garlic
  5. Method number 5: Aloe Vera
  6. Video

Method number 1: Iodine

IodineWhat do you need:

1. 1% iodine solution

Iodine is working as support treatment. It will not heal you on its own, but it is very important part of the treatment. For example it can be implemented after washing the surface with ringworm. Or it can be used in the morning to dry the surface near the infected spot.

Iodine is acting as follows: the most important is that it is killing fungi and it has antibacterial effect. Using iodine we actually prevent spreading the infection. In fact plenty of medicines against ringworm contain iodine. That makes it universal and affordable treatment. Usually it is better to take of dry pieces of the skin near the infected spots before implementing iodine


Using even 1 percent iodine solution you can get chemical skin burns. In order to avoid this you should use this method not for a long. Sometimes people can wrongly recommend using iodine method for few weeks. As a rule usually treatment with iodine should not be longer than 10 days.


Method number 2: Clean and hot

What should you do in case one member of your family got ringworm:

  1. Washed clothesWash clothes of person who got infection separately from the rest laundry.
  2. Iron and wash clothes on the highest temperatures.
  3. Do not wear synthetic materials during recovery. Use linen or cotton only.
  4. Iron with hot steam all possible surfaces where infection can stay (sofas and chairs, armchairs and carpets).
  5. Use disinfection liquids for washing floors.
  6. In case you have a kid at home you should wash all the toys in hot water or even boil them if it is possible to prevent kid from getting infected.
  7. Check your pets at vet clinics.
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These simple rules will help to prevent spreading infection to the rest of the family. Very important is not to use bathroom and not to wash infected surface. You can cover infected spots with cellophane and use wet towel or small sponge wash surfaces which are not infected. After this procedure you should immediately remove cellophane and wash towel or sponge in boiled or very hot temperature. Be very careful and caution when you wash yourself. Fungi can stay weeks and even month on the surface and you can be infected again and again. Stop using bathroom or shower as soon as you noticed first sign of ringworm. In case you need to wash your head you should wash separately body and head in order not to spread the infection.


After visiting public swimming pool you should always wash swimming suit with soap or washing powder in hot water and wash yourself in hot water with the soap. No need to wait until you will get infection – better prevent getting it.


Method number 3: Oils

What oils can help you:

  1. LavandeTea tree oil
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Oregano oil
  4. Peppermint oil

Buy one or few of these oils in good drugstore and use them at home for curing fungi infection. One of the best oils for curing fungi infection is tea tree oil. This oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal qualities. This oil can prevent and cure infections. Three times a day cover surfaces with this oil. Use just few drops every time. Also very good oil which is fighting against fungi is oregano oil.

Just four drops of oregano oil 2-3 times a day will help to cure this infection. Lavender oil is our best friend in fighting with disease. Mix one drop of lavender oil and three drops of tea tree oil and implement it on the infected spots. Use this mix of oils two times a day. Ringworms are very itchy. Along with curing this unpleasant symptom can be solved with the help of peppermint oil. Choose one type of oil which works for you. Use cotton sticks to implement oils on the surface. Be careful and do not use more oils than it is written above. We do not want to burn the skin or get it extremely dry.

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When buying oils pay attention to the color of bottles. Bottles in which oils are sold should be first of all made from glass. Second of all they should be made from dark glass: dark green or dark brown. It helps preventing sun light to get to the oils. Direct sun lights are killing oils qualities.


Method number 4: Vinegar and garlic

VinegarWhat should you buy:

  1. Apple cider vinegar
  2. 9% vinegar
  3. Garlic

Very strong and effective is garlic method in healing skin and surfaces with hair. You should take juice from the garlic and implement the juice carefully on the spots where you got infection. Unfortunately ringworms are often located on the head.

These episodes are very uncomfortable as along with infection we are getting hair loss on the spots. Implementing garlic juice is excellent method against hair loss and fungi. We can also make squeezed garlic paste looking substance. Implementing this paste we should use some textile material in order to have this compress during night. Also interesting method is Apple cider vinegar compress.

How to make apple cider vinegar compress:

  1. Wash infected spots with fungicidal soap.
  2. Dry them with clean textile washed in boiling water.
  3. Mix in the bowl one table spoon of the apple cider vinegar and one table spoon on water.
  4. Use cotton pad and put mixture on the infected areas.
  5. After the procedure you should cover the spot with some fungicidal cream or children’s cream.

Repeat the procedure in the morning using clean apple cider vinegar without water. This method should help after 6 days. Another possible method with 9% vinegar is as follows: you can cover infected spots with it six times a day during the day. This is less effective but much easier. And last but not least option which contains garlic as main ingredient is garlic and honey paste against ringworm.

How to make garlic honey paste:

  1. Take tea spoon of raw honey, one squeezed garlic and few drops of water.
  2. Put all ingredients into bowl and warm up approximately 5-10 minutes on the medium heat.
  3. Wait till paste will a bit cool.
  4. Implement the paste on the infected areas at least once a day.

Doctors always care only about healing the infection. But using this method we at the same time heal infection and help our follicles to renew and heal. We want hair to grow back and this is the best method for this purpose. Vinegar method is very good as it is literally cooling down skin and person will not feel itching all the time. And at the same time vinegar has antifungal qualities. It is exactly what we need to heal.

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Using garlic compress for night we should be very careful. Implementing garlic juice or garlic pastes on the skin make sure that they do not cover healthy skin. Garlic is very strong and can cause burns on our skin. Be very careful and follow the instructions above.


Method number 5: Aloe Vera

What do you need:

Aloe Vera plant1. Aloe Vera plant

This plant has miracle and unbelievable qualities. Aloe Vera can at the same time heal the skin, renew cells, come deep inside into derma and has detox effect. Aloe Vera plant is helping with itching part of this infection. This great plant is also antibacterial and antifungal. Ask your friends to give it to you as a present or buy it yourself. No need to buy this extracts or gels which contain Aloe Vera plant at the drug stores or pharmacies. Use natural and organic plant and heal yourself and your family.

How to make Aloe Vera treatment for our skin:

  1. Take one leave of the plant.
  2. Cut it along with the knife and get two same long leaves with the gel inside.
  3. Carefully cut small sharp thorns and tips of the leaves in order to prevent hurting or cutting our skin.
  4. Start covering infected spots with gel coming from the leaves.
  5. Take the leave and a bit press it into infected areas.
  6. Continue doing this till leave will give you all the juice.

This method can be used few times a day. As more you will use it as quicker you will see results. No need to wash it off.


Sometimes skin around infected areas can get red after Aloe Vera. It is normal and you should not worry. Try not to spread fungi and do not touch your body or hands with leave you were using for infected areas. Always use rubber gloves to prevent spreading the infection. This home remedy against ringworm is working so great that you will definitely recommend your friends to get this plant as well.

In case you tried home remedies for few weeks and didn’t get good results you should immediately visit a doctor.




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