Top-10 Effective Natural Remedies That will Help You Give Up Smoking

Isolated-shot-of-broken-cigarettes-on-white-background[1]To give up smoking at once is a really difficult thing. Having declared war on nicotine, take care of yourself: be less nervous, immerse yourself in your favorite business, meet nice people – in a word, do what pleases you, and move as much as possible. At the stage of weaning from smoking your body will need something to help alleviate this painful process. Giving up smoking is really very difficult, but possible. There are many effective natural remedies that will help you forget about cigarettes quickly.


Natural remedy number 1: Citrus fruit

Lemon[1]This simple natural remedy will help you quickly give up smoking and get rid of the bad habit forever.

Recipe 1: Lemon+honey

  • Take 4-5 peeled lemons,
  • then grind them with honey.
  • Do not use metal objects for grinding. It is best to do this with a wooden spoon.
  • If the rubbing movements are performed in a circle, the spoon must move only in the clockwise direction.

Take a tablespoon of the mixture twice during the day – in the morning and in the evening. As you spend the healing remedy you need to prepare a fresh portion.

Recipe 2: Grapefruit juice

Perfect action on the body a daily intake of grapefruit juice has.

  • Drink daily for 100-150 ml 2-3 times a day for a long period of time.
  • The mechanism of the influence of grapefruit juice is associated with a general cleaning effect on human organs and systems, therefore it is often used in the natural medicine.

Important: Use fresh made juice.

Natural remedy number 2: Oats

shutterstock_45472804[1]There are three interesting methods to give up smoking using oats as the main ingredient in the natural remedies.

Recipe 1: Oats infusion

  • Prepare the pan, pour into it about seven tablespoons of unprepared oats.
  • Pour the pan with cold water in the volume of one liter and leave it for half a day.
  • Later, put the pan on the fire and bring the state of the water almost to the boil, so that the useful components are not destroyed.
  • Further filter and cool.
  • As soon as you want to smoke, drink this infusion after a meal, enough with three sips.
  • Your craving for cigarettes will weaken. This infusion is recommended for about a week. Infusion is best kept in the refrigerator. The method is quite interesting and can help you quickly quit smoking.

Recipe 2:

  • Prepare the green oats and place it in the alcohol, keeping the ratio 1 to 10.
  • When you want to smoke a cigarette, immediately use 20 drops at a time, only 6-8 times per day.
  • On the 5th day you will find that you do not want to smoke. Really helps to give up smoking.

Recipe 3:

  • It will be necessary to take 100 grams of oats and pour them with three liters of water.
  • Next, for about an hour, you will need to boil the infusion on a weak fire.
  • Later add about 3 tablespoons of marigold to the infusion and also boil for about five minutes.
  • Insist it for about 1 hour.
  • Later filter and drink 3-4 glasses every day.

Recipe 4:

  • Take 0.5 kg freshly chopped green oats,
  • Then pour it with 1 liter of water,
  • bring to a boil, cool, strain.
  • Drink 0,75-1 glass 3-4 times a day, adding honey to taste, as an effective anti-smoking remedy.

Important: Rinse mouth with the oats infusion before you want to smoke and you will notice that you don’t want it as much as before.


Natural remedy number 3: Eucalyptus

eucalyptus-pauciflora-subsp-niphophila-snow-gum-126561695-5888fbb55f9b5874ee75c907[1]The main power of the plant is in its leaves: essential oil, which is 3% of the main mass. It anesthesizes, heals, has an expectorant effect, which is especially important for smokers. The use of remedies based on eucalyptus will help get rid of the “smoker’s syndromes”: shortness of breath, thirst, febrile state.

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In order to give up smoking, you can inhale the ether pairs by dripping a couple of drops of the drug in the aroma lamp. If the desire is very large, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with a special infusion: 1 large spoon of crushed eucalyptus leaves pour

one glass of boiling water and insist for ten minutes. As soon as you have a desire to smoke, rinse your mouth – this will significantly reduce cravings. Thus, the regular use of a tincture in the form of a rinse will help to get rid of the bad habit forever.

There is an effective infusion that jwill help you endure the painful sensation that is caused when you want to smoke but do not do this. Follow the instructions below:

  • Prepare one glass of boiling water,
  • Fill the glass with one tablespoon of leaves of eucalyptus.
  • Then infuse the mixture for about an hour.
  • Then strain it.
  • Next, after straining, you need to add one tablespoon of glycerin and honey.

Important: It is recommended to have the course of treatment for approximately one month. You can quickly part with your addiction at home.


Natural remedy number 4: Ginger root

Ginger[1]Ginger is a magic remedy for every smoker, because it will not only help you gradually give up smoking, but will also strengthen the whole body thanks to the high content of various vitamins, minerals and esters.

Ginger root is often used as an effective natural remedy for those who want to forget about the bad habit without the use of any medications.

Ginger will perform the following functions:

  • help in the fight against the growth of cancer cells,
  • strengthen the heart and blood vessels,
  • purify the toxins and improve the appearance of the skin.

Recipe 1: The easiest way to give up smoking is to carry ginger slices with you and instead of a cigarette chew a useful ginger root. In addition to the fact that the desire to smoke disappears instantly, you will replenish the body with vitamins and enjoy a pleasant taste.

Recipe 2: Ginger root infusion

This infusion is helpful from a strong craving for smoking.

  • Take the average ground ginger root,
  • Add one lemon juice,
  • Add 100 ml water (boiling water).
  • Mix the ingredients and add a small spoonful of honey.

Important: During the day, drink a ginger root remedy – this will help even if you want to smoke very much.


Natural remedy number 5: Peppermint

MintPeppermint is brought out by people by crossing the river and garden mint to get more useful substances. Crossed samples were not so strong in the fight against disease, but peppermint is the leader in this field.

It is used as:

  • an anesthetic,
  • antiseptic,
  • sedative,
  • relieves nervous irritation.

The main active ingredients of peppermint are tanning agents, rosmarinic acid, limonins, eucalyptus oil, bitterness, caffeic acid.

Means for fighting smoking necessarily contain mint, because it also helps to get rid of headaches, nightmares and insomnia. In order to get rid of the bad habit, you are recommended to prepare the peppermint tea and drink tea from the leaves of peppermint.

Recipe 1: Tea from Peppermint

  • Take 4 crushed leaves of peppermint per one glass of boiling water.
  • The drink will soothe, reduce the desire to smoke and provide a long and healthy sleep.

Recipe 2: Peppermint plus buckwheat flowers

  • Take 20 grams of peppermint and buckwheat flowers,
  • pour 200 ml of boiling water,
  • after 20 minutes there will be a valuable decoction.
  • In the filtered liquid add 0.5 liters of juice of mango and mineral water (strictly without gas). Apply it during the course for 10 days, you can repeat it in 3 days. It causes a very noticeable anti-tobacco effect.

Recipe 3: Peppermint and mix of herbs

  • Take 1 tsp of dry tea,
  • add 0.5 tsp. chicory,
  • 0,5 tsp nettle,
  • 0.5 tsp. mint,
  • 0.25 tsp. chopped valerian root.
  • In a teapot, lay 1 tsp. dry mixture, pour 2 cups of boiling water and insist 8-10 minutes.
  • Drink “balsamic tea” with seasoning. Seasoning: 1 tablespoon grated raw beets, 1 tsp. washed raisins, 1 tsp. honey, 0.5 tsp. finely chopped lemon. All mix and have a drink.
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Recipe 4: Peppermint herbal mix plus honey

  • Take in equal shares fruits of cumin, chamomile flowers, herb peppermint, fennel fruits, crushed valerian root drug, mix.
  • Take 1 tbsp. of the mix,
  • Pour it with 500 ml of boiling water,
  • Insist for 3 hours and drain.
  • Use on an empty stomach: 200 ml twice a day, adding a spoonful of honey.

Important: The only thing to take into account that tea cannot be taken constantly, especially by men.


Natural remedy number 6: Thyme

00940g_01_germanthyme[1]In ancient times, the peoples believed that the plant, now called thyme, could not only heal from a variety of diseases, but even resurrect from the dead. The main active substance of the plant is thymol, which has anesthetic and disinfectant properties. For treatment, twigs with leaves are used. This plant successfully helps to clear the respiratory tract and get rid of any kind of cough, including the one smokers usually have.

Thyme can be used against smoking in several ways:

· Recipe 1: Use of essential thyme oil

The fastest and most convenient way to get rid of smoking is using essential oil of thyme. It is necessary to drip one drop of ether on a teaspoon of sugar or honey and thoroughly dissolve. In addition, that you gradually forget about cigarettes, also you will get rid of the annoying cough that smokers have.

· Recipe 2: Cigarettes with thyme

In case you cannot give up smoking and constantly pull a cigarette in your mouth, replace it with “useful content”: remove the tobacco and fill it with chopped thyme. Such cigarettes can be smoked when the desire is very strong. Essential oils released during smoking will help to clear your respiratory tract from mucus.

· Recipe 3: Infusion of thyme

Get rid of cravings for smoking with the help of infusion of thyme: take two tablespoons three times a day before meals (for 30 minutes). To prepare the infusion, you need two tablespoons of chopped branches with leaves of thyme poured in a glass of boiling water and insisted for one hour, preferably in a thermos.

Important: You can use the product for a long time, up to a complete cessation of smoking. No side effects have been reported.


Natural remedy number 7: Elecampane

elecampane2[1]The useful properties of elecampane have been known for a long time, the name itself says about this, indicating the strength of its action. In the roots of the plant there are a lot of useful vitamins:

  • vitamin E,
  • organic resins,
  • acids,
  • essential oils,
  • saponins,
  • alkaloids,
  • and gum.

All components have a wide range of useful properties: antiseptic, choleretic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent.

With a cough that is characteristic for heavy smokers, means on the basis of elecampane are effective. The elecampane liquefies thick sputum and helps to withdraw it, also facilitates breathing, improves blood circulation. A cooked tincture of elecampane is well-known for causing a disgust to the tobacco.

Recipe: Elecampane tincture

You will need:

  • 100 grams of medical alcohol (70%),
  • 20 grams of crushed root of the plant.
  • Pour the composition with alcohol and put in a dark place for 9 days.

Important: In about 9-10 days you can start taking: 20 drops for half an hour before meals, three times a day. Be sure to shake the product before use.


Natural remedy number 8: Sweet calamus

SWEET-FLAG-CALAMUS-Acorus-calamus[1]Useful properties of sweet calamus have long been used. It has the ability to stop blood, anesthetize, dilate blood vessels, kill microbes, and is also used as a tonic, sedative. Dried and powdered roots of sweet calamus were used to purify water from harmful substances. The quality of even marsh water was improved. Later this possibility of a plant began to be used in the fight against tobacco smoking.

The most effective way to use this herb from smoking when there you have such a desire, you need to chew a small piece of root. Substances through the oral mucosa are absorbed and begin to act actively.

Recipe: Sweet calamus tincture

  • It is also very effective to rinse the mouth with the tincture of the root of calamus (1 tsp) and peppermint (2 tsp).
  • Pour ingredients in a glass of boiling water and insist it for one hour.
  • Then, if you want to smoke, just rinse your mouth.
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Important: As in many ways to get rid of bad habits as a result of using this remedy, one may feel nausea, but it is normal as this affects the speed with which you will give up smoking.


Natural remedy number 9: St. John’s wort and Rosemary

st-johns-wort-4-710x473[1]Prepare a tea using St. John’s wort and rosemary.


  • Take a marshy rosemary in the volume of one tablespoon and a spoonful of St. John’s wort also in the volume of one tablespoon.
  • Place all this on 800 milliliters of water.
  • Further boil the mixture for no more than 20 minutes on low heat.
  • Later tincture is infused approximately three hours.
  • Drink tincture as tea, for this mix 50 milliliters of boiling water with the same amount of prepared tincture.
  • Have half a glass.

Such tea, by the way, is quite tasty and flavorful. Drink tincture about 5 to 7 times a day. Thanks to this method, you can easily quit smoking forever.

At the same time, you need to drink at a time when you will have another bout of craving for smoking. In addition, that this tea fights well with craving for cigarettes, it will perfectly help your digestion, cleanse the intestines, quench your appetite, your bladder, the kidneys will work even better. The skin of your face will become soft, well-groomed and elastic with time. In addition, you will “wash” your lungs. From there you will get all the dirt that you gained during all the time while you were smoking. You will not feel drowsy when using this drink.

Important: You need to use infusion for about three weeks. You will feel like you are less likely to smoke, after the first use of infusion.


Natural remedy number 10: Soda



For this popular way to quit smoking you will need to take:

  • drinking soda,
  • bird fluff
  • and wood ash.

The ingredients are mixed and added to the tobacco. After a single cigarette, severe nausea appears and a strong disgust to the process of smoking is formed. This is a pretty quick and safe way, so it can help even quit smoking during pregnancy.

Important: Also, this recipe is good for parents who do not know how to force to quit smoking their child, since it is possible to replace cigarettes unnoticed for the owner, and at the same time get the expected result.


Top-8 Interesting Facts about What will Happen After You Give up Smoking

  • When-You-Quit-Smoking[1]In half an hour after the last smoked cigarette, blood pressure will drop to normal and the heart blood circulation will improve;
  • Within 8-10 hours the volume of oxygen in the blood is normalized;
  • In a few days the sensation of taste and smell will increase;
  • In 5-7 days, the complexion will improve, an unpleasant smell will disappear from the skin, hair, and mouth.
  • In a month it will be easier to breathe, excessive fatigue will go away, and you will stop coughing;
  • Six months later, the pulse will become less frequent, you will feel the desire to play sports, your results will improve – you will run faster, swim and, most importantly, start to experience pleasure from it;
  • In a year the risk of developing coronary heart disease in comparison with smokers is reduced by half;
  • In five years, the probability of dying from lung cancer will sharply decrease compared to those who smoke daily a pack of cigarettes.

Agree, all this is worth it to abandon the addiction to tobacco and give up smoking forever.




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