Top-8 Unique Massage Techniques That will Help to Stay Young Longer

Massage of the face, body, hands, legs or in the complex can work wonders. Massage improves blood circulation, strengthens facial muscles, restores freshness and elasticity. In the East, the traditions of massage have come unchanged from the depths of the centuries, whereas in the West it has not been practiced constantly and not universally. In the ancient Chinese medical treatise written about five thousand years ago, it is recommended to “crumple” the body to protect against colds, to keep the organs moving and to prevent minor ailments. Today there is a great variety of massage options like mobile massage solutions that are aimed at prolonging youth and beauty. Among them there are very interesting and unusual techniques.


  • Massage technique number 1: Hot Stone Massage
  • Massage technique number 2: Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Massage technique 3: Alpine ice massage
  • Massage technique 4: Shiatsu – Japanese massage
  • Massage technique number 5: Massage with snakes
  • Massage technique number 6: Massage with rice bags
  • Massage technique number 7: Massage with sea shells
  • Massage technique number 8: Italian massage
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Massage technique number 1: Hot Stone Massage

Massage is performed by special stones of volcanic rocks, which formed on the slopes of active volcanoes and slowly cooled down. These stones contain a huge amount of useful micro- and macro elements and are able to retain heat for a long time. Massage with hot stones is aimed at relieving stress, tension and fatigue. Stone therapy contributes to the achievement of deep relaxation, harmonization of the internal state, thereby relieving tension. The method was used even in ancient China.

They have the ability to store heat for a long time. Note that the volcanic rock has a special property, because contains elements of four elements: living fire, water, air and earth.

Benefits of stone massage:

  • Stone therapy contributes to the production of endorphins.
  • Massage with stones strengthens metabolic processes in the body (fat burns quickly, the aging process slows down).
  • Hot stones relieve chronic pain in the back and neck, help the muscles relax and get rid of aging slags and toxins, relieve stress.

The heat of the stones can penetrate to a depth of up to 4 cm. At the local level, there is an increase in blood pressure in the capillaries, which contributes to the outflow of blood in the stagnation zones.

Important: Metabolism is accelerated by 10-15%.


Massage technique number 2: Lomi Lomi Massage

Young couple is having a back massage at the spa centre.Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage, which was widely practiced in local temples. It is made by continuous motions in a strictly defined rhythm. This is a traditional massage with the use of oils, which, in addition to the ancient times using healers, will also be used by the masters of Hawaiian martial arts as an effective restorative and strengthening agent.

Lomi Lomi massage combines:

  • lymphatic drainage,
  • deep muscular kneading
  • and a differentiated effect on subcutaneous fat.

Massage is done throughout the body, during the massage the master uses the palms, forearms, pads and phalanges of the fingers, elbows.

Massage is accompanied by sounds of the southern sea and essential oils.

Important: Lomi-lomi is considered to be an excellent match for the removal of muscle tension, complete relaxation, stabilization of blood circulation and respiratory function.


Massage technique 3: Alpine ice massage

Austrian and Swiss massage therapists are advised to fight cellulite with a massage ice cubes. What makes it so useful?

  • With short-term cooling, the vessels narrow, and then expand, which increases the flow of blood and metabolism.
  • Fat begins to burn, the final products of metabolism and excess fluid, stagnant in cellulite-affected tissues, go away.

Thanks to the lymphatic drainage effect one procedure may help to decrease the the volumes of problem zones can decrease by 0.5-1 cm! Elementary cryomassage can be done and at home, freezing infusions of herbs. Drive ice cubes along the skin in a straight line (from the bottom up), in a circle (clockwise) and make zigzag motions.

Important: Each zone should be massaged during 2-3 minutes, not longer!


Massage technique 4: Shiatsu – Japanese massage

Japanese physician Tokiuro Namikoshi has developed a special massage system based on the impact on certain points – the projection of organs and the so-called meridians along which the vital energy moves.

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There are some techniques you can use for the self-massage:

  • With the pads of closed fingers, draw 3-4 times on either side of the neck along the vertebrae from the occiput to the shoulders. Then for a minute actively knead and stroke this area. Finish with light touches.
  • With the tips of the middle, index and ring fingers of both hands, push on the points along the line connecting the outer corner of the eye with the place to which the auricle is attached from the top – so 3-4 times.
  • Temples can be pounded with light circular motions. Go to the eyebrows, for a minute intensely pinching and pulling them. On the forehead, put your hands together so that the tips of your fingers converge in the center and, without stretching your skin, massage your forehead with circular movements of the pads of your fingers.
  • Place your index fingers on the sides of the nose bridge, the pads should be located just below the place where the brow begins. Massage lightly in a circular motion.
  • Place the elbow of your right hand on the table. Take the chin by placing your index finger on top. A stretched large – from below in the middle of the chin. In a circle, massage the point, in which he rests – so you will get rid of the double chin.

Important: Shiatsu gives not only a healthy, but also a cosmetic effect. It smooths wrinkles, reduces swelling, gives the skin firmness and elasticity.


Massage technique number 5: Massage with snakes

Few people like snakes. Someone is very afraid of them, someone is squeamish, but someone, on the contrary, is very interested in trying something exotic. Therefore, most often people come to such a massage in search of new sensations. However, this is not the only effect of this procedure. The massage with snakes has certain goals:

  • When snakes move through the body of a person, muscles relax, which favorably affects the general state of the body and psyche;
  • Since ancient times it is believed that snakes take upon themselves the negative energy of man. During the massage, headaches and back pain go away, blood pressure is regulated;
  • Getting rid of phobias. Gradually, with the help of massage, a person who is afraid of snakes panicky, can lose this fear. If he or she still has any phobias, then he or she can get rid of them by the chain. Of course, in the first session such a person will be afraid and protest, but gradually he or she gets used to these curious creatures and ceases to be afraid of them.

How is the massage performed?

Massage spreads more on the back and hands. For massage, royal pythons, boas, snakes, usually not more than 1.5-2 meters in length are used. This is a sufficient length of the snake, so as not to create discomfort and to please customers. The snakes are contained in the nursery, where experts grow them and take care of them. At the meeting with customers they are brought “under the record.”

During the massage, you lie face down, the master puts a few snakes on you and makes sure that they crawl only on the back or hands. Your task is to relax and enjoy the tactile sensations. And the sensations with the massage are really very pleasant and unusual, they are difficult to convey in words. After all, the snake is like one solid muscle. At the same time, snakes, although cold-blooded, are at room temperature.

Contraindications to massage with snakes:

  • Mental illness. With problems of a psychiatric nature with snakes it is better not to joke.
  • Cardiovascular disease. You should also be cautious if you are afraid of snakes. There may be pressure, which can lead to bad consequences.
  • Skin diseases, venereal diseases are also contraindications.

Important: Snakes that are used for massage, are always full, not poisonous and do not bite. Therefore, they are absolutely safe for humans.

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Massage technique number 6: Massage with rice bags

This technique combines physiotherapeutic heat action with bags of various sizes and configurations, soft manual techniques, passive movements in combination with “enveloping”, fixing »effects of finely dispersed materials. Massage with rice pouches is one of the most unique Ayurvedic massage techniques. This massage is performed with the help of hot pouches containing rice or collections of medicinal herbs.

It has the following benefits:

  • Massage helps to rid the skin of wrinkles and harmful substances (they all disappear with perspiration), adjust the water balance.
  • The Indian technique of massaging the body has a positive effect on the human nervous system – after one or more sessions you will get rid of the negative energy accumulated in you and fatigue.
  • Muscular and bone tissue is also strengthened, the massage helps with radiculitis, arthrosis, myalgia, painful spasms in the joints and spine. In this case, the positive effect can be seen both with age-related ailments, and with acquired injuries.

Relaxing massage with rice bags is performed on a massage table with warm linen or cotton pouches filled with rice croup.

Important: The massage reduces puffiness, removes toxins and toxins, soothes, tightens the skin, gives a gentle gentle relaxation throughout the body.


Massage technique number 7: Massage with sea shells

Polished sea shells or porcelain handmade analogues glide smoothly over your body, giving you an unforgettable experience. Warm sea or porcelain shells for a long time after the procedure leave a feeling of comfort, relaxation, as if they transmit the energy of the sea and the sun. Massage with shells is suitable for the face and body, and is often carried out in conjunction with other SPA-procedures. Natural design of shells, candles, incense and aromatic oils give this procedure a unique charm. This massage technique will be quickly mastered and appreciated by professionals who have experience in classical massage.

Compared with other similar SPA-methods, massage with shells has a number of advantages. For example, it is characterized by a simple and quick preparation process: shells are heated almost instantly, whereas for preparation for stone massage with hot stones a specialist needs at least 30-40 minutes.  It will take only 5 minutes to heat sea shells and the heat in them remains up to an hour and a half. The design of the shells is easy to use and does not cause uncomfortable sensations.

When should massage with shells used?

The unique shape and angles of these instruments seem to be the continuation of the therapist’s hands, deeply working out the zones at the required depth. Ecologically clean and non-porous shells can be used to solve a variety of problems – from relieving tension and easing pain in muscles and joints to alleviating the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and reducing bloating. However, in most cases this type of massage is indicated for physical and mental relaxation. Massage with shells is also suitable for cold or contrast techniques, which are most preferred for detoxification. Heat helps to remove pain and relax the muscles, and, alternating with cold, will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

  • usual relaxing massage is perfect for relaxing;
  • sports massage with shells – an excellent rescue option for reducing muscle pain;
  • ice massage with shells provides a full detox;
  • a warm back massage is good for calming pain and discomfort in the lower back;
  • contrast massage with shells- relieves muscle tension in any part of the body;

Such procedures performed on the face are ideal for achieving the radiance and toning of the skin. Important: Massage with shells can be combined with any SPA-procedure, moreover – it has no contraindications and is even allowed in pregnancy.


Massage technique number 8: Italian massage

Italian massage is a fairly simple technique of auto-lifting, which allows performing it even at home. Nothing special for its implementation is not required – it is a question of some cosmetic means, with the exception of cream or special equipment. The meaning of the technique is that at the time of the manipulations the head should be in the lowered position. This contributes to the creation of pressure, which makes it easier to remove toxins from adipose tissue and to remove puffiness. Such a massage is aimed at solving precisely age-related problems, in particular wrinkles, puffiness, skin blemishes and the like. Although with the problems of a younger age, this technique is effective, as with the same oily skin.

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The origin of the massage dates back to ancient times, and since then the main idea of the Italian massage has not changed – the master will perform pressure on important areas of the face, so that the lymph is better circulated. It is good, first of all, for those who have flabby skin on the face, there are noticeable bags and wrinkles already mentioned. Italian massage has a universal effect in the sense that it can be used for completely different skin types.

Approximately the same efficacy is observed in people with oily skin and in patients with dry, more age-related skin. It is also quite possible to minimize the negative impact of couperose, at least visually. As for the contraindications, they are standard for the facial massage. These are people with the broken skin integrity, with an acute infectious disease, with pustules, with dilated vessels, can not pass through this procedure. It is desirable to know in advance whether there is an individual intolerance of such procedures.

How is Italian massage done?

  • First, the skin is cleansed, then you should sit on the floor, stretch out your legs, and, placing your elbows on your knees, lower your head on your previously folded hands.
  • Next, you need to push your forehead hard in the palm of your hand – this will help at least slightly smooth wrinkles.
  • The next position is the girth of the eyes with the palm of your hand. Pressing strongly is not necessary, since the natural pressure of weight will do its job.
  • After that, you can move to the girth of the cheeks, but keep the nose open. Here, too, should be pressure on them, so that wrinkles gradually disappear, and the skin becomes more elastic.
  • When stimulating the chin, it is necessary to rest on the palm of the lower jaw, only the palms open slightly.
  • When moving the palms along the face, toxins will be eliminated, and the chance of a second chin will be significantly reduced.
  • The final stage of the Italian massage is pressing the forehead and the occiput at the same time, so that the lymph glands will be actively stimulated.

Which effect will you get?

  • The toxins are removed, drainage is created, and the skin rejuvenates right before your eyes. Smartness is noticed almost immediately.
  • Another point worth noting is the improvement in the tone of not only the face, but also the neck and décolleté.
  • It eliminates fatigue in both the face and the body as a whole. Due to the fact that repeated repetition of the same movements is practiced in the massage, the muscles gradually start to memorize them, which helps them to align and return to the normal form that they had by nature.
  • The double chin does not disappear as quickly as the end of the process of forming the face oval, but the reduction in wrinkles appears quite soon. Blood and lymph begin to circulate much better than it was before the procedure, but besides the aesthetic change, there is also a psycho-emotional change in a person.

Important: The effect of lifting remains for a long time, provided that the procedure will be performed from time to time.



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