Top-5 Magic Properties of Massage You Should Know About

Young couple is having a back massage at the spa centre. The history of massage originated in ancient times in Japan, Greece, India and China. There are two versions of the emergence of the word “massage”. Some believe that it came from the Arabic word “masch” or “mass”, meaning “to touch or gently press”. Others are sure that the basis is the Greek word “masso” – “squeeze with your hands.” However, there is a third theory, according to which this word came from the Latin “massa” meaning “sticking to the fingers.” It is worth noting that the massage of different peoples has its own characteristics. The highest quality massage was achieved by the inhabitants of the East, where it was associated with knowledge in the field of acupuncture.

In China, information about the massage dates back to the 25th century BC.  Both in China and in India, massage was performed by church attendants, and special schools were created at churches to teach various methods of massage. Massage has always played an important role in medicine.  So the healing properties of massage have been known for a long time already. There are four main types of massage: sports, medical, hygienic and cosmetic. But there are many systems and techniques. Find out how which properties massage has and how it can help to improve health.



  • Property number 1: Relieves Pain
  • Property number 2: Helps to Get Rid of Stress
  • Property number 3: Helps to Sleep Like a Baby
  • Property number 4: Stimulates Immunity
  • Property number 5: Improves the color of face and prevents skin aging
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Property number 1: Relieves Pain

The American College of Physicians and the American Society for the Study of Pain included massage in the list of recommendations for the treatment of back pain.

  • Research into the effectiveness of relaxing and structural massage, as well as other types of relief provided for back pain, proved that a 10-week course of massage relieves pain better than medications and physical exercises, and the effect is preserved for up to six months.
  • Also the result was that the relaxing massage was recognized as effective as the structural massage. According to the Touch Research Institute research, regular massage helps fight headaches, reducing pain and eliminating the frequency of migraine.

The participants of the study received a 30-minute massage session two or three times a week or a 60-minute massage once, two or three times a week (as well as a control group that did not receive a massage). Compared with the control group, participants who received massage three times a week almost five times more reported a significant improvement in functionality and more than twice as often – a significant reduction in pain.

The best results for reducing pain were in those who received 60-minute sessions of massage two or three times a week. Apparently, a longer massage is more effective for neck pain, as several procedures a week, especially during the first month are very helpful.

If you started doing massage therapy and did not feel better, then perhaps it makes sense to change the dosage and frequency. There are other variables that affect the effectiveness of the massage, for example, the method used and the level of the masseur’s qualification.

Important: Scientists have found that intense headaches can be reduced with a 30-minute massage.

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Property number 2: Helps to Get Rid of Stress

What can be done with prolonged stress? To help people get rid of stress, experts in the field of massage, cosmetic and aesthetic culture of the body on the basis of advanced scientific knowledge, developed an anti-stress massage. This massage is based on the mechanism of action on tactile, temperature and practically all other receptors.

One of its main principles is the principle of globalization, maximum involvement in the work of sense organs:

  1. touch,
  2. smell,
  3. sometimes even taste.

Only in this case you can get the maximum result from an anti-stress massage. Introducing during the massage the same receptors that form the pathological dominant in the brain and the conducting nerve pathways – through massage manipulations, aromas, and audio therapy – during the massage, the “center” of distress can be gradually displaced from the nerve center and the defenses of the organism mobilized. As a result of such a massage, the threshold of excitability actually increases, that is, a stronger stimulus is already needed to remove it from the state of equilibrium. A person becomes calm, inert to everyday problems, which were previously perceived by him as a tragedy.

In addition, a number of functional disorders are normalized, which are sometimes difficult to medicate:

  • sleep disorders,
  • migraines,
  • headaches,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • increased excitability.

It is very important that when it is impossible to eliminate the very cause of stress (and, therefore, to reduce stress, to overcome stress), this technique helps, without changing anything from the outside, to change the person’s attitude to the situation itself. In fact, the masseur performs the work of the therapist, but on a more physiological level. He begins to stimulate the body’s natural reserves and tries to change the nervous excitability of a person.

During the massage there are also changes in tissues at the biochemical level. The excitation of tactile receptors (especially a lot of them on the soles of the feet and on the hands) stimulates the development of endorphins – pleasure hormones.

Important: At the biochemical level, a person begins to receive morphine-like substances that help to get rid of the feeling of pain, fear, depression and even attachment to bad habits.


Property number 3: Helps to Sleep Like a Baby

People who cannot quickly fall asleep try to alleviate the condition with medical preparations. Not all sleeping pills are effective, and some can cause complications. There are various drug-free methods that relieve tension and normalize sleep. The directed action on the biologically active points with the fingers (acupressure) will help to cope with insomnia if it is not caused by serious diseases. Unlike acupuncture, the procedure can be made on your own.

Massage from insomnia helps:

  1. to fall asleep,
  2. normalizes the duration of sleep,
  3. and improves the quality of sleep without harmful effects on the body.

This is the best way to relieve stress, overwork, restore emotional stability.

How to do massage from insomnia on your own?

  • Massage begins with warming up of hands and finding the desired point. If it is determined correctly, there should be a feeling of numbness, aches. Manipulation is performed by pads of the large, middle or index finger.
  • The fingers of the right hand are used for non-symmetrical points.
  • Symmetrical points are massaged alternately with both hands.
  • Acupressure with insomnia begins with the kneading of the skin. Then the finger pad touches the point and penetrates smoothly rotational movements and is screwed into the body tissues.
  • The pressure should increase gradually to a weak pain. It should be ensured that the finger does not move from the acupressure point and is perpendicular to the surface.
  • The finger for a few seconds (5-7) presses on the skin and slowly returns to its original position, as if unscrewing back. The cushion is not removed from the massaged area and after a few seconds the cycle is screwed in – the twisting is repeated.
  • Sleepy points are massaged 3 to 5 times at short intervals. Duration of manipulations on one zone is 2-3 minutes.
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When massaging a person should not have unpleasant and painful sensations. The effect should be stopped, if the heart rate accelerated, nausea, sweating appeared. Circular rotation can be made in any direction, but Japanese experts claim that they calmed rotational movements against the clockwise direction.

Important:  In the first days it is advisable to limit to two or three points and shorten the time for the procedure to understand how the body reacts to acupressure.


Property number 4: Stimulates Immunity

 As shown by studies conducted by the Center of Medicine in Los Angeles, massage is not just a pleasant procedure. It helps strengthen the immune and nervous systems. A massage can also help with swelling after a surgery, for instance, a lymphatic drainage massage. Thus, this procedure protects the human body from external infections. American scientists, having studied different types of this procedure, came to the conclusion that the most useful is Swedish massage. It is characterized by high intensity, resulting in muscle tone of the body and improving blood flow. It is this that “launches” the immune system, transferring it to a state of increased combat readiness to fight against all kinds of diseases. In addition, such a massage significantly improves the well-being of a person, thereby helping to deal with depression and stress.

  • It was possible to confirm these findings by watching the reaction of the body of volunteers who agreed to undergo a course of massage. For this they were divided into two subgroups.
  • One of them daily had a usual massage, and another – Swedish.
  • After a series of similar procedures, the participants in the experiment were taken for analysis, which showed that those of the volunteers who got the Swedish massage, improved the lymphocyte count, which is precisely designed to fight diseases. In addition, they have decreased the level of a stress hormone.

The effect of Swedish massage is explained by its intensity. It allows you to work on the deep layers of the body’s muscle, providing improved blood flow. According to one of the leaders of the research, this massage is absolutely indispensable for immunity.

Important: Massage can strengthen and regulate the protection of the human body, while remaining an exceptionally pleasant procedure that can protect a person even from cancer.


Property number 5: Improves the color of face and prevents skin aging

More sleep, less stress and a good mood – and now you are already feeling great. Add the regular massage and enjoy the radiance of healthy skin and wonderful well-being.

  • Massage enhances blood circulation,
  • activates lymphatic drainage (removal of toxins from cells),
  • improves the “breath” of the skin,
  • cleans the sebaceous and sweat glands,
  • activates their work and thereby facilitates the removal of decay products from the body.
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Thanks to the property of massage to improve blood circulation, nutrition of the skin also improves.

Classical facial massage:

it is done with cream or massage oil, it is used to maintain muscle tone. Classic facial massage is one of the most popular and useful procedures in skin care. Massage normalizes metabolism. The skin starts to breathe and at the expense of it becomes smooth, elastic and young, and special anti-wrinkle techniques allow look 5-10 years younger. Of course, facial massage at home cannot replace the service of a specialist but with the right approach it is quite possible to achieve a good result.

Plastic facial massage:

it is another kind of massage that allows to improve the contour and neutralize age marks – wrinkles and irregularities. A professional masseur, thanks to a special technology, literally models the face. All this is achieved through a deep stimulating treatment of the muscular framework, not only the facial muscles but also the static muscles are affected. This combination gives an amazing result. It is possible to achieve a persistent rejuvenating effect without surgical intervention.

Plastic facial massage gives the following results:

  • helps fight wrinkles;
  • improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage;
  • relieves edema;
  • saturates the cells with oxygen;
  • allows to get rid of age spots or makes them hardly noticeable;
  • narrows the pores;
  • restores the face oval;
  • improves appearance.

Plastic facial massage is performed by alternating the pressing, vibrating and fixing movements, which are done on the massage lines. In principle, the technology of execution resembles a classic facial massage, the difference is only in the technique of kneading – reciprocating movements are used in a circle.

Jacquet face massage:

it is the most intensive, this technique includes tweaks, kneading and even vibration and is not suitable for everyone. It is used to direct the impact on obvious problem areas, such as scars, spots, deep pronounced folds, seborrhea. Of course, plastic and pinch massage is better to entrust to professionals and visit the salon. At home, you are recommended doing a classic version of face massage, which takes 3-5 minutes a day and allows you to successfully maintain the skin in a good condition.

Important: Massage makes the skin supple, elastic and significantly removes the appearance of wrinkles. It strengthens the muscles of the face and eliminates fatigue and swelling. Do it regularly and enjoy the beautiful skin without imperfections.



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