5 incredible lemon water benefits for health and beauty

lemon waterObvious benefit of water with lemon is usually understood as a source ascorbic acid. As the result we are receiving a drink which helps us to improve the immune system. Besides lemon water reduces level of sugar in blood and provides antipyretic effect. And the cherry on top is that this drink energizes our body.

Although it has a high content of very useful properties we should remember that lemon water as a beverage can lead even to undesirable consequences. Thus, it can cause even damage to our health if will be consumed too frequent as a mean for weight loss. Let’s learn what benefits we can gain from this miracle drink and how to avoid any possible problems.


The first benefit: For pregnancy

pregnancyIn fact, it is highly recommended for pregnant women to consume regularly water with lemon as it will bring lacking vitamin C in the body. It is known that during the pregnancy woman’s body is lacking plenty of vitamins and immune system needs additional support in a form of vitamins and food. The reason for that is that at the moment one immune system is serving needed vitamins for both mother and a child.

Lemon water benefits during pregnancy:

  • Vitamin C which we are receiving from the lemon is acting as an antioxidant. It is helping the body to cope with the viruses such as cold or flu or similar.
  • Vitamin C is also acting as a stimulant for the liver, as it is helping to cope with the irritable bowel syndrome. Thus it is normalizing the stomach activity, helps to avoid diarrhea and constipation.
  • Vitamin C also helps to normalize the heart functioning, preventing any painful symptoms to appear.
  • Water with lemon juice or slices is a huge help in formation of the bone tissue of a future child so this is one of the reasons for future mother to be grateful to this incredible remedy.
  • At the same time this remedy is rich in potassium so it is additionally helping in formation of brain cells and fetal nervous system.
  • In fact this drink also contains calcium and magnesium. These vitamins are huge help with asthma, increased insulin sensitivity and normalization of sugar level in blood.

Incredible fact that such a simple in preparation remedy is so helpful for our body and for our future baby. Unfortunately this remedy is not recommended for everyone.

Contraindications of lemon water for pregnant:

  • Gastritis and pancreatitis. Problems with digestive system.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Severe acid regurgitation (heartburn) during pregnancy.
  • Allergic reactions to citrus fruits.
  • A huge problem with tooth as this drink is weakening the enamel.
  • Hyper tonicity of uterus.

Many pregnant feel like eating a lemon. It is known as a common desire of many pregnant women. Doctors know that it helps not to gain weight. In a way it is a positive side of consuming the lemon water during the pregnancy but anyway it is very important not to do any harm.

Warning: Even if you feel like eating the whole lemon you should stop yourself especially when pregnant. You cannot eat more than one slice at once.


The second benefit: For the skin

Good skinDespite the fact that we consume the drink inside we can experience incredible changes on our outside. Beneficial effect on our skin is miraculous. In fact, the vitamin C is the ingredient which is improving skin qualities from the inside. In less than five days you will notice that skin on the face is receiving healthier look.

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How lemon water improves skin:

  • Ascorbic acid or vitamin C which is the main element of the drink is improving condition of the connective tissue together with improving of the cartilage and bone condition.
  • Additionally this drink is stimulating collagen production which is helpful for color of face and overall skin condition.
  • As a bonus this drink actually is very helpful to deal with acne and enlarged pores.
  • Having the drink regularly you improve your look and health without that many efforts.

If you will drink this remedy regularly (every morning on the empty stomach) you will soon feel and notice changes for better in the look of skin and hands, face and entire body.

Lemon water recipe:

  • Take a glass of warm clear water (250 milliliters).
  • Squeeze juice from half of the lemon (or cut half of the lemon in slices and squeeze them in the glass with the help of spoon).
  • Mix lemon and water together and enjoy your drink while it is warm.

Additionally this drink is known as a remedy which keeps your skin younger for long. It reduces the amount of wrinkles and makes acne less and less visible. In fact lemon water can be also used for external use. This remedy can help with small scars and burns by helping skin to heal quicker. As an external remedy is also used for fresh small burns as it is very helpful for relieving pain.

Warning: Be careful if you implement lemon on the face. Do not let lemon juice to meet with eyes as the irritating feeling and unpleasant pain will appear immediately. Make sure that you are not allergic to citrus before using this remedy. Put few drops of lemon juice on the inside part of elbow (there our skin is very sensitive) and observe the reaction for five minutes. If the liquid irritated the skin skip this remedy.


The third benefit: For weight loss

weight lossInteresting fact is that the amount of calories is just 31 for 100 grams of lemon. That is one of the reasons why this fruit is so popular among those who are trying to lose weight. In fact there is even special “lemon diet” created by British nutritionist Teresa Chong. But we will not talk about diets; instead we better see how we can lose weight by eating same and adding just one type of lemon drink to our diet.

Ginger lemon water benefits:

  • Take following ingredients: juice of two lemons, one liter of clear water and one tablespoon of grated ginger.
  • When the water is boiling put inside ginger and immediately turn off the fire.
  • Let the liquid stay and cool down. After cooling add the lemon juice.
  • Drink this liquid before every meal (twenty minutes before each meal) in the amount of one glass while it is warm.
  • Ginger speeds up the metabolism. Additionally lemon is lowering cholesterol and cleaning the blood. Combination of these ingredients provides excellent service in the fat burning.

Lemon together with ginger is helping our body to digest the food better that is why they are recommended to be consumed before the meal. This drink can be also consumed cold and it will not lose its qualities.

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Lemon water benefits against extra weight:

  • Glass of warm water in the morning with three tablespoons of lemon juice is capable of changing your view on this fruit.
  • This drink on the empty stomach will improve your digestion and completely remove the constipation issue.
  • Lemon water additionally prevents absorption of fats and helps to eliminate them quicker from the body.
  • Citric acid in the combination with water helps to stabilize the level of sugar in blood. In such a way it is improving metabolism and as a result we are succeeding in a weight loss.

Very important thing when we are trying to lose weight using this remedy is to consume enough if liquid. Daily we should consume eight glasses of lemon water. This drink is also excellent antioxidant so it is great for our body.

Lemon water with the honey against extra weight:

  • Recipe is very simple: mix juice of half of the lemon, 250 milliliters of clear water and one teaspoon of honey (honey should be fresh and raw).
  • Let drink to stay for one hour thus honey will completely dissolve in the water.
  • Consume the drink twenty minutes before the meal. Preferably consume one on the empty stomach.
  • The citric acid is promoting the production of the gastric juice thus this drink is improving the digestion.
  • Honey is rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients helping to dissolve fats and eliminate them from the body.
  • Purified clear water is helping to eliminate toxins from our body.

That is why combination of honey and lemon with the water is so highly recommended by nutritionists. Try to drink it instead of your morning coffee and in a week you will feel yourself ten years younger and full of energy.

Green tea with the lemon benefits:

  • Boil the water and remove it from the heat.
  • Add a pinch green tea into the water when it will be 80 degrees (Celsius).
  • Let the tea cool down (tea should remain warm) and add a lemon juice. The drink is now ready.
  • Well-known fact is that green tea is great for losing weight and together with lemon they are giving extraordinary results.
  • Another advantage of this drink is that it has almost no calories. You can consume it as much as you want without harm to your waistline.
  • Green tea with the lemon is also eliminating feeling of hunger which leads to consuming fewer calories during your meals.
  • As green tea is a stimulant (as it contain caffeine) it helps to be more active and in such a way to burn more calories.
  • Diuretic quality of the green tea helps our body to get rid of extra fluid.

The only issue with the green tea with the lemon is that it is not recommended to be consumed before bed time as it contains caffeine and can cause insomnia.

Easiest losing weight recipe:

  • During the day eat few slices of the lemon.
  • This snack will help you to achieve desired result in losing weight.
  • Studies have shown that pectin which is contained in lemon is reducing appetite.

You can consume lemon with the peel as it is also very good for eliminating toxins from our body. Eat more salads and sprinkle them with the lemon juice. This recipe will help your body to digest the food and take from it only needed vitamins and minerals.

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Warning: Before starting losing weight by any of the remedies it is highly recommended to consult with the doctor. Consuming lemon water does not mean stopping eating properly. The drink is just additional part of the diet. Any allergic reactions to the lemon should immediately stop you from this remedy.


The fourth benefit: For our teeth

healthy teethPleasant quality of the lemon water is that it can actually help us to fresh our breath. Before the invention of the toothpaste it is believed rich people in the morning used to rinse the mouth with the lemon water. Citric acid (in pure form) destroys the tooth enamel but in the low concentration (as it is when it is dissolved in the glass of water) it helps to get rid of toothache and gingivitis.

Lemon decreases the toothache:

  • Take a cotton ball and soak it in the lemon juice. Put it on the place where you feel a toothache and you will in few minutes feel how pain is disappearing.
  • One more way to solve the toothache is to massage gums with the lemon juice or slice of lemon. This method even stops gums bleedings.
  • Additionally you will get rid of bad breath after this remedy and other problems with gums.

Lemon is also recommended by dentists to be added to the water for rinsing mouth when you are brushing your teeth. This remedy is very helpful treatment against dental caries.

Warning: After the procedure of using lemon or lemon juice for the gums in order to neutralize the remaining citric acid in our mouth the mouth should be rinsed with an mixture of baking soda (one tablespoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water).


The fifth benefit: Against cardiovascular diseases

Healthy heartStudies proved that regular consumption of lemon water is an excellent way to clean the arteries and blood vessels.

Benefits of the lemon water for the heart:

  • Consume lemon water 10-12 times a day for several days.
  • Drink should be consumed every hour.
  • This treatment is accompanies by drinking salty water or herbal teas.
  • Additional advantage of this remedy as it is helping to lose weight, normalize level of sugar in blood and increases the sensitivity to insulin.
  • Surprising fact is that one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with the glass of water helps to reduce heartburn.

Of course this remedy should be recommended with the correct diet. It is very important during the treatment to avoid any stressful situations. Regular exercises and walking outdoors are highly recommended together with this remedy.

Warning: The method of cleaning the arteries is harsh and it is recommended to consult with the doctor before trying this method.



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