Why do I feel nauseous? Most common reasons of nausea.

nauseaHow it is to feel nauseous probably knows everyone. Nausea appears as a discomfort in the pancreas area and continues sometimes for long periods of time. We want to get rid of this unpleasant feeling immediately, however often it is not that easy to do.

If you feel nauseous after some fried or spoiled food, ate too much or got sick in the back seat of the car it is normal and there is no need to visit doctor. Such nausea which occurs once and you know exact reason of it is not harmful for health. But if you feel sick constantly you should consult with the doctor as soon as you can. There are several reasons why you can feel nauseous. We will discuss and investigate most common diseases which can be hidden behind nausea and how to react to symptoms on time.


The first reason: Gastritis and peptic ulcer disease

peptic ulcer diseaseGastritis and peptic ulcer disease are very dangerous for our health conditions. It is very important not to ignore the symptoms and to visit the doctor as soon as you notice them. We are talking about repeated scenario of symptoms and not about single situation. We should understand that nausea is a first sign of gastritis.


  • Nausea usually appears in the morning.
  • Also nausea can appear on an empty stomach or immediately after meals.
  • Nausea and constant feeling of something “heavy” in the stomach do not leave you the whole day.
  • Heaviness in the stomach is going up and down.
  • Immediately after meal you feel burning and bloating in abdomen.

Basically you should immediately visit the doctor and describe your symptoms. Often we are afraid of doctors and we investigate in the internet what we will need to do at doctors and even search for our symptoms and give ourselves diagnoses. Here we will not give ourselves any diagnoses. Here we will try to understand why do you feel nauseous and we will eliminate risks of letting diseases developing into chronic stage.

Which analyses to expect

  • Often you need to do ultrasound examination of internal organs.
  • Definitely some blood tests for biochemical diagnostics.According to these analysis your doctor will be able to identify bacteria that affects the formation of peptic ulcers.
  • Gastroscopy if needed.
  • Sometimes doctors test for the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. This bacterium causes ulcers.

As the result if you will be diagnosed with one of the diseases you will be prescribed specific medications (often antibiotics). Also you will be advised to change your eating habits and diet a lot. You will definitely exclude from your menu: fat, pepper, fast food and too salty food.

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Important: Some of us even find some advises on the internet and start treatment. It is very dangerous scenario which can lead to very sad circumstances. Never try to cure your disease without proper medical examination.


The second reason: Gallbladder diseases

Gallbladder diseasesIf you feel nauseous all the time it might be a sign of gallbladder disease. The normal work of gallbladder and normal composition of bile and the proper release of it are essential for the vital activity. In order to eliminate the gallbladder diseases from possible reasons why do you feel nauseous look through symptoms and think if they are similar to what you experience.


  • Discomfort appears during meal or immediately after heavy meal.
  • Nausea which can lead to vomiting.
  • Pain under the ribs may occur from your right side.
  • You might experience heartburn.
  • You feel that you have too much gases.
  • Change in usual taste of the food: you might hate what you usually like and you might feel usual food too sweet or too salty.
  • One of the signs is also bitterness.

There are quite a few symptoms. You should be alert if you have almost all of them. But you shouldn’t panic. In fact the quicker you will diagnose the disease the quicker you will start treatment the sooner you will feel better again.

Which analyses to expect

1. Ultrasound examination of the digestive system.

The ultrasound will show if you have any problems with gallbladder. If you have some stones and they are small than you might be prescribed to change diet and take some medications which will help stones to disappear. If you have very serious problems with stones sometimes there is no other way to solve the problem than surgery. That is why it is so important to do needed tests on time.

Important: Usually if you have problems with gallbladder it is good to check also your liver as these organs interact closely.


The third reason: Pancreatitis

PancreatitisIf you are sick with pancreatitis you should hurry up to visit doctor. If you will let disease to progress it can lead to very serious pathologies. You will need to visit gastroenterologist. How to understand that your nausea is having a signs of pancreatitis? Pay attention to your other symptoms.


  • Nausea with bloating.
  • Bitter taste.
  • Dull pain in the ribs on the right side.
  • Weight loss is happening sometimes.

Symptoms of pancreatitis are similar to diabetes symptoms. In order to make accurate diagnosis doctor will send you to do few tests.

Which analyses to expect:

  • Ultrasound of the abdomen.
  • Blood analysis.
  • Feces analysis.
  • Test blood for the sugar level.

Usually patients are prescribed enzyme and drug therapy. Such therapies are always accompanied with correct diet.

Important: It was discovered that alcohol and gallbladder disease cause almost 95% of cases of pancreatitis. Consider stopping consuming alcohol and you will make sure you do not damage your health on your own.

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The fourth reason: Appendicitis

AppendicitisAppendicitis is considered to be an inflammatory disease that often appears suddenly. It is impossible to predict when it will inflame. Inflammation can be caused by various organisms (anaerobes, staphylococci, E. coli, streptococci, etc.).

Often the inflammation of the appendicitis is a result of an excessive overload with protein food: frequent overeating and obesity on the basis of defoliation. Modern people spend a lot of time sitting at work and then at home near the computer. Such lifestyle can also provoke the inflammation of appendicitis. If appendicitis breaks open it is a risk of death so it is very important to call the ambulance if you have following symptoms.


  • The first sign is nausea. Nausea is not related to food.
  • Very quickly you start vomiting.
  • Temperature increases till 37-38 C.
  • Pain starts in the top of the abdomen and then concentrates in the right part of the abdomen, often on the bottom.

You should react immediately. There is no time for waiting that symptoms will disappear without medical help. You cannot ignore such symptoms. If you will manage on time to get to the hospital appendicitis is removed by surgery.

Which analyses to expect:

  • Ultrasound of abdominal.
  • Blood test.

Procrastination might lead to peritonitis. This inflammatory disease is very dangerous and can be fatal.

Important: Do not consume any medicine on your own. Any painkillers might make it difficult to diagnose you correctly.


The fifth reason: Intestinal infections and poisoning

poisoningNausea always appears when our body gets poisoned by intestinal infection. These days it is extremely easy to get poisoned by different infections even when buying bread from person who doesn’t use gloves. You are also always risking your health when eating fast food or even ordering fancy meal in restaurant. How to know that I feel nauseous from poisoning?


  • Nausea which leads to vomiting.
  • Feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
  • Sometimes temperature can increase (37-39 C).
  • Some cases are leading to diarrhea.

If you know than your condition was caused by poor-quality food you need as soon as possible to clean your stomach (by throwing up or using enema). It is obligatory to increase consumption of liquid. Chamomile tea is great remedy if you struggle with poisoning. One cup of this tea will help with nausea, vomiting and will clean stomach. You should drink water in small sips and restore your water balance. Don’t forget to restore your salt balance as well. If you feel that your skin and mouth are dry increase consumption of water.

Some cases are just too dangerous. Mushroom poisoning or salmonella are very dangerous and cannot be treated without medical help.

Important: If vomiting doesn’t stop and you start vomiting with bile call ambulance immediately.


The sixth reason: Vestibular system problems

Vestibular system problemsThe vestibular system is located in the inner ear. It is extremely small but very complicated system. This system develops completely at the age of 10-15. Unfortunately it is not jet well understood by experts. It is very sensitive to the Earth’s gravitational field and the force of gravity. Thanks to this system we can maintain body balance. It is very uncomfortable to experience problems with vestibular system. If you have following symptoms you should immediately visit doctor.

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  • Nausea and dizziness.
  • Loss of balance. Usually loss of balance is appearing suddenly when you change the position.
  • You find difficult to follow the object with eyes.

Only experienced doctor can prescribe effective treatment for patient with vestibular system problems. Search for the best neurologist in your city or country.

Important: Do not postpone visit to doctor. Usually diseases are easier to cure if you start treatment earlier.


The seventh reason: Hypertension

HypertensionEvery fifth man on our planet is struggling with hypertension. If it is not treated it can lead to brain damage or heart attack. Often people do not realize how serious the hypertension is and that this disease can cause the irreversible consequences. Usually people measure blood pressure only at doctors. How to understand that you have hypertension?


  • Nausea during the day but especially in the morning.
  • You notice that you are getting tired very quickly.
  • You often feel dizzy.
  • Face is swollen in the morning. Sometimes face is red.
  • Rarely vomiting.

You need to visit doctor (cardiologist) and measure your blood pressure after 5 minutes of rest. If doctor after all tests will decide that you have hypertension you will be prescribed special drug which will help you to get rid of all these uncomfortable symptoms.

Important: Very important not to ignore signs your body is giving you. On early stages of hypertension nausea and vomiting are very weak or non-existent. These symptoms increase as disease progress.


TOP 5 reasons of nausea

  1. Side effects of drugs. Check all your medication. Usually nausea is caused by anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics or iron supplements.
  2. After 12-13 weeks it is typically gone. However some women struggle with it through the whole pregnancy.
  3. In order to cure it you will need silence, darkness and the medication which neurologist can prescribe.
  4. If nausea doesn’t stop for a while or intensifies and additionally you feel dizzy call ambulance.
  5. If you feel very sick, your temperature increased till 39-40 C call ambulance immediately.




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