How to get rid of mosquito bites and itching feeling

mosquito bitesMosquitoes are constant companions of heat and moisture. The most comfortable for them temperature is approximately 16 Degrees (Celsius) and humidity around 80-90 %. As temperature is reaching above 28 degrees (Celsius) their activity slows down. This is the reason why we experience unpleasant unfriendly behavior of mosquitoes in the summer and usually near the water.

As soon as mosquito bites you saliva gets inside and helps insect to drink your blood in the amount it wants and quite quickly. Mosquito bite is bringing complex of symptoms: burning, itching and blisters. Symptoms stay up to few days and even more in case we scratch wounds and bring infection in it. We struggle because we do not know rules and remedies which can help immediately and safe us from infection and wounds. Let’s see what we can do to save our skin and react helpful to the mosquito bite. Continue reading →

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Seven natural homemade teeth whitening remedies

teethBeautiful smile always attracts attention to you. All the attention is thanks to the snow-white teeth. Nowadays, many dental clinics are selling us teeth whitening procedures. However, this is not that affordable for everyone, since the cost of the session can be up to month or two month salary. In addition, teeth whitening in the clinics will definitely harm and damage tooth enamel.

Homemade remedies which help with teeth whitening attract attention of every one of us. It is so popular because all the products are familiar to us from childhood, we know about their properties and effects on the body. In addition, these recipes are known for a long time – even our grandmothers used them. Knowing this, you can be confident in the safety of teeth whitening at home. Also important is that all the ingredients can be found in a house or easily purchased. Very important fact is that remedies do not require large expenses. Continue reading →

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5 Working home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

bacterial vaginosisWomen of young age face bacterial vaginosis all of a sudden. This disease can appear and stay in its not active stage but it has very upsetting and tragic results in case it will not be cured on time.  Unpleasant is the fact that bacteria causing the disease is already there in our vagina just it will be activated and growing with speed of light in case we will get the disease.

Here are most common symptoms: vaginal discharge (color can be white, grey, yellow; smell will remind spoiled fish and sticky consistency); itching feeling in vulva; discomfort during sex, itching feeling during sex; feeling you want to pee appears more often than usual and sometimes pain and itching feeling while peeing. Noticing these symptoms you can start immediately with easy and working methods we suggest and you will soon forget that you ever faced this decease. Continue reading →

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How to make lip balm at home using only organic ingredients

Lip balmNo matter what the weather is outside we care about our lips. In winter we use lip balm almost every day. Skin on the lips requires regular care. We should protect our lips from ultraviolet radiation, external negative influences and provide it with softening, moisturizing and nutrition.

Nowadays we can find huge amount of different smell, color, brand and taste of lip balms in the beauty shops all over the country. Main secret is as follows: there is no need to buy expensive cosmetics to ensure good quality protection for lips, instead we can easily make lip balm at home. Such homemade balm will be safe and effective but most important is that it will be unique. Continue reading →

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How to get rid of ants easily via eight working solutions

An antAnts are quite smart insects living in huge families. These families are very large, organized groups of unpleasant creatures and they are cold colonies. In case you found few ants in your apartment or house you should understand that it is a sign that somewhere close is located their colony. Street, forest, garden – anything from this can be a location where ants come from to your house in search of food. They are able to travel quite long distances in search for food. More than anything they are attracted by meat and sweets. Continue reading →

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How to make your skin lighter: modern ways and homemade recipes

skin lighterMany people desire to get fairer skin because of many reasons. In fact, a darker skin tone sometimes makes you look patchy and blemished as it has an increased amount of Melanin. Even though, there are no special items can help your skin immune from melanin, there are tips on how to get lighter skin naturally at home in a month with foods and natural masks.

Your skin shows how you pamper or tire out your body. In fact, your skin displays how good your health is, among other things. When you want to lighten the shade of your skin, it helps to find out what the culprits are first. Continue reading →

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Home remedies for ringworm will help you to quickly cure and prevent spreading the infection

ringwormRingworm is caused by fungi. Fungi is growing and spreading in wet and warm places where can easily be found moist. Such places are everywhere around us. Literally every day we visit places where fungi can appear. You can visit swimming pool and / or bathroom of your friends and get it. Also you can get ringworm using someone’s towel or exchanging clothes with someone. You can get it from people, animals or surfaces with fungi. Unfortunately we will not see the infection immediately. After getting it from animals we will see bold spots or infected areas after week or two, after getting it from people or infected towels you can see infection on your skin after four weeks. Continue reading →

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5 easy techniques how to shrink pores

womenWe all are very cautious and always careful in choosing what to apply on the skin. When it comes to face we are even more careful. Problems of large pores and oily skin sound familiar? Of course they do! Both men and women struggle with enlarged pores. We all are constantly trying plenty of brands of cosmetics trying to minimize the enlarged pores. I got my enlarged pores from my Mom and she got it from my Grandma. Every day from early age I tried to do something to solve this pores problem. After years of struggling I learned a lot about a skin and I want to offer easy and cheap way to get rid of large pores quickly and without any complicated recipes.

Unfortunately every single brand of well-known or even unknown cosmetics tries to full us with their “unique” product which will help to shrink our pores. Technically you should know that it is impossible to literally shrink pores applying any product from drug store. Sounds sad but you can easily make them look smaller. I am huge fan of only natural skin treatments so what I am going suggest is that if you will try one of five my methods you will notice first results almost immediately.
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Simple and working home remedies for bronchitis will help you to cure your body quickly

bronchitisReasons of bronchitis are hundreds nowadays. Among them are viruses, bacteria, parasites and others. Sometimes bronchitis can appear after breathing toxic gases and allergens. This can happen with people working in dangerous conditions. Often adults are getting this disease because of smoking. Simple flu can progress into bronchitis. Very common mistake is not to start curing your body as soon as symptoms appear. Bronchitis is a disease coming with the following symptoms: cough, discomfort in chest and mucus (color of the mucus can be from light white, yellow to light green and green even sometimes with blood). Continue reading →

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Best methods on how to stop hair loss and how to make your hair grow

hair loss Many of us mistakenly think that hair loss is only men problem. The same ugly problem appears in life of men and women both equally. But you should know that women can much easier make their hair to grow back. Let’s first investigate doctors’ researches and there we will find out what are main factors which lead to hair loss. Usually reasons are as follows: pregnancy and giving a birth, menopause, taking medicines and stress. These are not the only reasons. Interesting fact is that you can experience hair loss even when you try too hard to look after your hair or on the contrary forget to take care of your beautiful hair. Last scenario leads to experiencing weak hair and in the end to hair loss. Well known fact is that coloring hair too often can lead to the same results. Continue reading →

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